Sex after gaining weight

Contributor: jwitt754 jwitt754
I have put on some weight and I really needed to I was severely underweight. But now I can't stand to look at my body while having sex. I feel like everything is jiggling which is something that I've never experienced before. I need some help on how to overcome this. Please help.
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Contributor: Fluke Fluke
You can some doing some strength exercises to build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so a little bit of muscle gives you the weight you need while still being sexy as hell.

Also, Jiggling is SEXY! Having sex with a stiff unmoving doll is no fun who would want to do that. It's watching a woman's body move and react that is hot. Also realize that us guys stop caring what you look like once we start having sex, at that point everything looks pretty great.

One thing you can do is to train your brain to accept that your new body is sexy. Stand in front of a mirror and give yourself compliments. This may sound corny but write yourself a sticky note and pin it to the mirror, write like 'my new body is fantastic and sexy' It might take a few weeks to get comfortable with yourself but work at it and you'll make it!