How do you "smuggle" your toys when traveling?

How do you "smuggle" your toys when traveling?

His scarlett His scarlett
My husband has a bad case of wanderlust and in his career he is able to move us around a lot, to very small fly in communities.

Now, due to his job, and due to the fact that we are only ever able to bring 70lbs of luggage with us it limits what we can bring with us each move. Especially as on arrival at the small communities (the largest has been 450 people) we are apt to have our bags searched openly in front of everyone in the 12 x 12 (on average) airport building. And people know everything about everyone.

We have taken to only bringing things that can be explained easily, such as ropes, clothes pegs and a paddle. Toys such as vibrators all have to be posted to ourselves, hoping that the package isn't opened at the post office, which is possible as the communities are all First Nation and have the right to open anything as alcohol and all items with alcohol in them (such as mouthwash and hairspray) are banned and can be seized. And, of course, the post is used to try to bring things in, so it is routinely examined.

Other than the post I have taken to wrapping some things in socks and putting them deep into the pockets of my winter coat which I wear to travel.

How have you smuggled toys when travelling? I need some new ideas! Thank you.
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laflauta laflauta
I don't really have experience with this because I've only taken toys on domestic flights. I'm just curious if you ever have to go through those full-body scanners? It seems like that would make it impossible to smuggle anything. Sorry that I am of no help, but good luck!
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