Boiling Toys?

Contributor: hornypoet69 hornypoet69
Silicone and other, non porous toys, are boilable, for the purposes of sterilization. But what I've never heard is how long you actually have to boil them for. I've heard everything from 3 minutes to 10. Do you bring the water to a boil, then add the toy? Do you start the timer as soon as the flame goes on, or from when it has started to boil rapidly? What does everyone out there, do with there non-porous toys for sterilization purposes? Not everyone has access to a dishwasher, and even if you did, running a whole soapless load for just a few toys in the top rack seems wasteful. Thoughts?
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Contributor: Jobthingy Jobthingy
3 minutes is fine but after it comes to a boil.
Contributor: Annemarie Annemarie
Treat it like pasta. Bring the water to a full, rolling boil, put in your toys, and then start the timer. I usually go a full 7 minutes, but honestly, anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes works. Even if you boiled it for 15 minutes, no harm done. It just isn't necessary.

I only sanitize my nonporous toys twice or three times a year, because I don't share them with a partner, or anything like that.
Contributor: Yoda Yoda
I think 5 minutes is fine for me.
Contributor: lezergirl lezergirl
3-5 is fine, but just make sure they don't sit on the bottom of the pot.
Contributor: IndependentlyHappy IndependentlyHappy
I've heard three to five minutes as the most common number. I own a number of silicone toys but haven't tried this yet; whenever I do end up boiling of one my toys, I plan on just putting it into a colander and dunking it into the pot of boiling water.
Contributor: slynch slynch
I think we boil about 5-10 minutes