Could someone explain what a juicer is?

Contributor: bethd1708 bethd1708
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Found this product and its the first toy that has caused me confusion. is this toy meant for couples? is it meant for men or women or both? I dont get it...
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Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Basically it is a toy that is turned, like a juicer, while inserted vaginally or anally. The handle is of-set on the base to make it easier to turn.
Contributor: Lithaewyn Lithaewyn
It's not necessarily a couples toy but it's easiest to have a partner turn it for you. Essentially the idea is to "juice" your vaginal fluids as if you were a fruit.
Contributor: Annemarie Annemarie
In JR's review of the Blue Spiral, he explains veeery well.
Contributor: eri86 eri86
I've been wondering about that too.
Contributor: SydneyScreams SydneyScreams
I've been eyeing them, but the base seems too big for couples use and my arms are like t-rex arms!! not sure they're long enough to "juice" myself.