Discomfort during sex!

Contributor: Glinteye Glinteye
Sometimes during sex I feel discomfort, I assume this is my cervix being pressed on? Any tips?
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Contributor: Vegan Silk Vegan Silk
I had a guy who was shaped in such a way he hit my cervix when we were in missionary. In other positions it was fine. When we did doggy style it was great.

so I would suggest trying lots of different postions and talking about it with your partner. also liberator ramps and wedges can help get into more comfortable positions.
Contributor: butts butts
Try peeing before sex, sometimes even a semi-full bladder can really hurt if it's pushed on during sex (remember to pee as soon as you can after sex too, to avoid UTIs). If it's just your cervix, try another position. Positions where you're "squatting" shortens the vaginal canal quite a bit, try straightening out your legs if you can.
Contributor: Real or memorex Real or memorex
There are a lot of ways discomfort can come into the picture. If you have narrowed it down to your cervix, though, different positions with different angles might work (try less deep positions, as well).

The cervix also retreats into a more comfortable position during arousal. You could try having a good orgasm before penetration, or get checked by a doctor if it's continuing to be uncomfortable. Cervical prolapse can happen after pregnancies, or something else could be at work.
Contributor: Amaryllis Amaryllis
try it from different angles, like spooning with him behind it does not go in as deep and can still hit your g spot. also he can reach around and rub your clit and i find it very intimate without being in each others face great for morning sex to!

also lots of foreplay helps to be able to take more in take things slow and work up to it
Contributor: sexymomma4 sexymomma4
I would try different positions. Before having my children we would go it doggie, missionary , etc. Now we can only do missionary due to the fact my uterus has tilted , so my cervix is not in the right spot anymore either. It sucks because I really liked doggie style.
Contributor: xxjoel xxjoel
Good advice above.
Contributor: Ayogirl230 Ayogirl230
Originally posted by Glinteye
Sometimes during sex I feel discomfort, I assume this is my cervix being pressed on? Any tips?
yea try peeing before and after sex or taking some painkillers ten minutes beforehand.
Contributor: sammm sammm
Reverse cowgirl in impossible for me due to discomfort. But certain positions are fine. Me being on top normally helps a lot because I can control the angle/speed/depth and whatnot.