Gag Reflexes

Contributor: w-o-name w-o-name
I have awful gag reflexes...I need tips on how to improve them!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: froggiemoma froggiemoma
trying to work on that myself, will keep an eye on this post
Contributor: Crash Crash
I don't think you can do much more than practice.
Contributor: HouseWench HouseWench
totally necro-ing this thread, but apparently making a fist with your left hand and squeezing its thumb in the center helps. I wonder if it'd be opposite for southpaws...
Contributor: geliebt geliebt
The only thing that's worked for me is to just try to keep as relaxed as I can. When things get more intense, it becomes much harder to keep my gag reflex quiet. For example, if my partner is thrusting quickly, I find it harder to deal with, but when I'm just going along at my own pace I can get an awful lot down my throat. All I can say is relax and practice, really. I wish I had some better advice
Contributor: PervyPixie PervyPixie
I find a bit factor for me (cause I've totally been struggling with the problem lately for some reason!) is to make sure my neck's at a good, comfy angle, because if my body is in tension there's no way I can relax enough for deep throating.
Contributor: KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I haven't experimented enough with this to really know how well it works but it seems to be helping.
Whenever you brush your teeth at end of brushing, brush your tongue from the tip to as far back as you can without gagging too much. I've heard that eventually you'll be able to brush farther and farther (eventually to the point where you can touch the brush to your uvula without much/any discomfort)until your gag reflex is pretty much gone.
Contributor: mastersonv mastersonv
I don't have a great gag reflex either so I also will be following this post.
Contributor: freda freda
nice review
Contributor: Caus Caus
Like what the others have said, relaxing is key to not gagging. Try to find out what your limit is. Practicing helps!
Contributor: LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
Practice makes better!
Contributor: Glinteye Glinteye
very true^
Contributor: CaliGirl CaliGirl
There s a desensitizing spray that helps with it a little.
Contributor: Rory Rory
I have bad gag reflexes