Induced lactation?

Contributor: Aphrodite69 Aphrodite69
I am 50, never with to get milk?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Hi, Aphrodite!
Breastfeeding games are exciting, and sure it is possible to induce lactation in almost any age without being pregnant. As far as I'm informed, milk can be secreted if the boobs are stimulated regularly, massaged, squeezed, and the nipples are sucked on daily basis. I'm guessing some sort of reflex can be triggered, provoking lactation. There are also some milk-inducing drugs, but I believe you should consult a doctor about those. Best of luck! Hope you'll get it
Contributor: Soundside46 Soundside46
This is possible but few would want to go through the effort of inducing lactation.
Gently massage your breasts by hand for a few minutes, then use a hospital-grade (multi-user) double electric breast pump for about 10 minutes more. Do this after waking, before going to sleep, and several times throughout the day for your body to begin reacting to the implied “demand” for breast milk. Drops of milk usually appear, on average, about a month or so after starting this routine, and milk supply typically builds over time.
Seems like a lot of effort.