Which toy has the most transformative effect

Contributor: Eugler Eugler
If you think about a society changing or transforming effect of sex toys.

Do you think there is one and which one is the one with the biggest effect?

In which direction may society change?

Becoming more peaceful and more integrated due to never experienced pleasures?
(I'm thinking of the effect that sexually repressive societies mostly are the most violent ones)

Or will the steady rising sale numbers of strapon toys change the female gender role or gender roles at all?

Just playing around with my thoughts...
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Contributor: zj22 zj22
The rabbit vibrators I think have changed society a bit. Since their invention and mention on Sex & the City in the 90's they've been fairly iconic sex toys. They've really opened up the world to seeing and accepting sex toys and their use. I think they've changed society and opened peoples eyes to that fact that anyone can enjoy sex, and sexual accessories, not just the 'sex crazed.' To me rabbits have just made all things sexual more commonplace and acceptable. It's a really great change.
Contributor: jr2012 jr2012
I think one of those moments was when trojan started selling vibration cock rings and bullets at the drugstore. Yeah, they're cheap....but it's huge that you can buy them that easily, and that so many people are exposed to them now.

I think the effect is just being more open about sex and sexual health issues, which is a very good change indeed.