Are you currently reviewing for anyone else?

Contributor: Mallorys Mallorys
I was wondering if anyone write reviews for other websites or companies besides Eden Fantasys. I was wondering what other companies have review programs that I could look into.
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Contributor: Mallorys Mallorys
If you would like to stay quiet about your other reviews I understand. If you would like to fill me in but not publicly just shoot me a message. Thanks
Contributor: sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
Currently, no, I don't write for any other companies in the adult product line. I do write reviews from time to time for household products I'm sent, but that's about it. I actually don't know of any other site that offers free adult toys for review, unless you have a blog/website of your own and manufacturers send directly to you. I believe that you have to have a well-established site/blog before that happens though. I'm still unclear about the details on that.