AskEden #SEXperts - How do I reach a G-spot orgasm?

Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Let's keep on giving marvelous advice! Our Forum is undoubtedly full of sex toy experts, and they can put their wisdom to good use by helping out the newbies!

Mistress M. started a cool thread recently, by reminding us about EdenClubs and asking what the community may be interested in talking about today.

AskEden #SEXperts G-spot

Let this be the second post in the thread of AskEden discussions, where our devoted ~sex experts~ share their personal experience and help out the eager naughty minds of our newbies.

We shouldn’t be shy about our sexuality, as there’s nothing wrong with having breathtaking pleasure. I’m calling for all new Eden visitors to go ahead and ask their questions on Eden Forum.

Let's dive into the topic of orgasms right away, and aim to the hottest question of all - “How do I reach a G-spot orgasm?”

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Contributor: NinaH NinaH
Nothing beats girth+length+vibration for me. I tried those curved toys, I looked into glass because I knew that you need extra pressure for the G-hit, but the only thing that really worked was the Big boy - link

It filled me up so nice and thorough that there was no chance it could have missed the G-spot. So, I conquered it not by precision but by force
Contributor: The ~Pegging~ Meg The ~Pegging~ Meg
I'm a big fan of glass. It's so intense, so tough. Unforgiving. I can feel every curve and rib and nub inside myself, and if the toy has a nice bulb at the end - hello, G-spot orgasm! Yeah. That's the stuff. The more wild is the texture - the better. These two are my favs - the perfect bulb and the exquisite French Kiss. Can't get enough of French Kiss lately. Mmm