Collectors: Do you go for depth or breadth first when building your collection?

Collectors: Do you go for depth or breadth first when building your collection?

Positwist Positwist
I was organizing my wishlist just now and I realized--shock, awe--that I don't want anything that vibrates. I seem to be, finally, satisfied with my vibrator collection (for now).

Looking at everything I own, I realize that although I have a variety of stuff, I've clearly been emphasizing vibrators. I have all class of corded and non-corded bullets, traditional vibes, rechargeable, plug-in, etc. My dildo collection, for example, isn't nearly as thorough.

But now that I have vibes to suit all of my preferences, I'm not interested in vibes at all. I've definitely moved onto fleshing out my dildo collection (my wishlist is 75% dongs... My secondary priority wishlist is all BDSM equipment).

So now I'm curious. Do you buy a little bit of everything, or do you focus on one 'category' of toy/equipment at a time?
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Lickable Lollie Lickable Lollie
My collection is small, but so far everything I own vibrates! lol I just recently decided to start branching out as well.
Silverdrop Silverdrop
At first, I was going for breadth, trying to get the best example of various types of toys - best steel dildo, best clit vibe, best G-spot vibe, etc. That worked for a while...

But then me and the bf developed a strap-on fixation. We already had two harnesses, one of which is the excellent RodeoH, but that isn't enough. We just ordered the Aslan Jaguar Cherry, and are now saving up for the SpareParts harnesses. We also want more dildos for them. So I guess we're done with breadth and going for depth in the strap-on area. It's a fun journey!
Rossie Rossie
My collection is small but they are things that I really like, with sizes that I'm comfortable with, and of high-end materials. They include vibrators, dildos and butt plugs. All my toys are textured, except for my Njoy toys.
Roz W Roz W
Breadth. If I set out to buy stuff it's usually to serve a purpose (like "I need a longer dildo with this harness") and once I've got it, I don't need much more in that category. Or it's something I never tried that I want to (hey, glass toys are on sale!).

So I end up with one or two things per category (insertable vibe, non-insertable vibe, strap-on, glass, BDSM "impact" toys, restraints), and I'm actually pretty happy for now. I think I'm saving up for a higher-end harness.
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