Design Your Ideal Toybox

Design Your Ideal Toybox

Eden C. Eden C.
If money were no object and you could have toys custom made for you, what would you have?

I'd want:

1. A long, slim, slightly realistic silicone dildo, 7/8" in diameter and 7" long and a fluted base, for my girlfriend to penetrate me. The color doesn't matter to me as I cannot see with my vagina.

2. A harness for my girlfriend to wear. She'd probably want something suitably masculine.

3. A 1.25" wide, 7" long silicone dildo for me to penetrate my girlfriend with.

4. A cute, lacy, feminine harness for me to wear.

5. A magical bullet vibrator that will never die.

6. A spreader bar; I would like to try one.

I'd also like to try a rabbit vibe with a rotating head and a liberator wedge, but I'll have to try them out first.

How about you?
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potstickers potstickers
Oh, I thought this was "Design a Toybox." Oh well, I'll describe it anyway.

It would have 2-3 inch square slots for toys, ranging from 6 to 12 inches long. Each slot would allow each toy to sit up straight, and not get misshapen. Over the shorter toy slots would be a removable toy tray for miscellaneous items. Of course the inside of the lid would have straps for paddles and floggers and such. The entire inside would have a removable, washable microfiber cover that went into each slot. That would make sure the toys and microfiber stayed clean and did not pick up lint. I wonder who will make a lot of money off my idea now. Heh.
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