Ever Caught Someone having sex?

Contributor: twoods89 twoods89
Ever caught anybody masturbating or having sex? If so what happened...
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Contributor: Noelle Noelle
Originally posted by twoods89
Ever caught anybody masturbating or having sex? If so what happened...
Yes, my now ex husband and I went hiking. Thought we were alone since we hadn't seen anyone all day. We decided to get freaky with nature, and we looked up to an audience. Luckily there were no kids, just a guy and his wife. Still.....
Contributor: spineyogurt spineyogurt
Did today
Contributor: bh253 bh253
Never caught anyone, though I've been caught!
Contributor: lomejo61 lomejo61
I've caught various people in the park and woods...and my boyfriend's parents...couldn't look at them straight for a while. xD
Contributor: Breas Breas
Never caught anyone and I'm thankful for that. I think it would be very awkward lol
Contributor: xMila xMila
When walking home from the park one night me and a friend saw a couple having sex in a car. They saw us, but kept going, it was awkward.
Contributor: Arch600 Arch600
I've never caught anyone nor have I been caught. Had a few close calls however.
Contributor: Cora Jane Cora Jane
I worked in a movie theater. Apparently that's a popular spot to have sex.
Contributor: Velocity Velocity
Nope! Thank goodness.
Contributor: Joe and Dani Joe and Dani
My down stairs room mate 3 times while seeing if he wanted a smoke. I knock at all times of the day now.
Contributor: Demonise Demonise
not sure............
Contributor: twoods89 twoods89
I've walkEd in on my brother twice and had my friend walk in on me...laughed it off both times not too awkward. The other night stopped at light driving through DC looked over to see a couple having sex in their back seat, people walking by and all...
Contributor: LaSchwartz LaSchwartz
No but I almost did but a few years later my friend thanked me. lol
Contributor: Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
I went upstairs to see if my roommate wanted to do something and heard her having sex with her boyfriend, but I didn't go into her room or anything. That's the closest I've come to catching someone (that I know of).
Contributor: Ningyo Ningyo
I haven't caught anyone yet and I'm glad as I don't think I could handle the awkwardness.
Contributor: Chefbriapink Chefbriapink
I was caught masturbating by my mom and sister. I've been walked-in on by my girlfriends sisters and mother. I've walked in on numerous people. I just don't understand why people are at the wrong place a the wrong time lol
Contributor: thornrose thornrose
yes they were having the same room me and there family was sleeping when we where sleeping. I worse then walking you sit up and there it is that is so gross.
Contributor: clockwork451 clockwork451
I accidently walked in on my roommate last semester. I felt so bad for interrupting them.
Contributor: HippieFeet HippieFeet
One day when my boyfriend and I were at work, we were hanging out in the parking garage. This car pulled up and these two people started having sex in it! They weren't even that blocked or anything.
Contributor: Rory Rory
No can't say I have. Almost been caught!!
Contributor: Undecided Undecided
Nope heard them yes but caught no.
Contributor: Vaginas Vaginas
never been caught. caught my friend in a closet though
Contributor: WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
I've walked in on my parents before when I was little....and I walked in on my cousin masturbating IN MY FREAKING LIVING ROOM.
Contributor: AK Bunny AK Bunny
Originally posted by twoods89
Ever caught anybody masturbating or having sex? If so what happened...
Yeah, walked in on a friend and her bf. I just walked back out. I'm not totally sure they realized I was there until I told her later.
Contributor: geliebt geliebt
Not yet! Haha, but we'll see, I'm still young!
Contributor: SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
Walked in a male roommate. Didn't know he was home and went in his room to get a CD. He and I laughed it off, although his girlfriend was mortified lol. I also walked in on him masturbating in the bathroom once, he forgot to lock the door.
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
I'll caught O.W. a few times using her toys. I was caught with my first gf by her younger sister. She blackmailed us for few months. Boy was it ever embarrassing.