Post-Coitis discharge?

Contributor: sweetpea12 sweetpea12
Every time I have vaginal sex with my bf I get my discharge/lube all over his balls. It tends to dry and get really itchy for him. After sex he usually uses a few baby wipes to wash off his balls, but it doesn't really help. Why is so much of my stuff getting on his balls, and why does it make him itch?
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Contributor: Dixiemomma Dixiemomma
yuh i'm kind of a "gusher" too hehe .... gets everywhere!! its great LOL but we always use a wet washcloth after to clean up so never had any issues
Contributor: Real or memorex Real or memorex
He might be sensitive to the lube or some of its ingredients. Sounds like a trip to the bathroom to rinse his balls is in order.
Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I find that drying lube itches. It's not a reaction, my skin just doesn't like stuff drying on it.

Tell him to scrub and STFU. What comes in must come out, literally.