Has anyone actually gotten a gift sent to them from their wish list? (Private voting)

Contributor: Dumplingz69 Dumplingz69
I am just genuinely curious. I know a lot of people probably have a wish list, and some even have them on their profiles. But have any of you actually been gifted one by another user? Or are wish lists more for organization on this website?
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Contributor: CuriousFun CuriousFun
It's my impression that the wishlist is primarily just for individual users to keep track of toys they'd like to try, and/or for being able to give the link to friends/loved ones who may be shopping for you to know what you like. In order for another Eden user to send you something off your wishlist, they'd have to have your shipping info (i.e. your home address), and that information on users isn't publicly available (for obvious reasons).

I've never received anything from another user on this site, and I don't expect to. My wishlist is mainly just for me to keep track of toys I'm interested in for future purchases. I made my wishlist public because I figured someone else could potentially find it helpful. For example, if someone has read some of my reviews and thinks they may have similar taste as me, they can look at my wishlist to see if it might direct them to some other toys they might be interested in trying themselves.
Contributor: dominatrixNY dominatrixNY
i would love to get a gift... but so far - no
Contributor: ToyLover99 ToyLover99
So far no gifts from my wishlist, but that’s okay.
Contributor: VelvetNoir88 VelvetNoir88
Nope. But wouldn't t be awesome...