Have you ever bought something you thought wouldn't work?

Contributor: - Kira - - Kira -
Do you ever see an item that you're pretty sure won't work for you but end up buying it anyway? For example, if you know you need four or more vrooms, will you get roped into buying a three vroom vibrator because of design or good reviews? If you know you need something larger, will you buy something smaller for any reason?

There's a few items on my wish list I really want that I'm thinking won't actually work for me but have worked well for others and just look awesome. Some of them are pretty pricey and I hate to waste money. Curious if anyone else has fallen into this trap and how it played out. Were you pleasantly surprised by the purchase? Did it end up being a total waste as expected? Stories welcome.
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Contributor: Kkay Kkay
I did that with the Gigi, and I ended up massively disappointed.
Contributor: Ryuson Ryuson
Yeah, but most of the time it's a free assignment! I'm like "I don't know if I should, I don't think it would work very well with my anatomy..." But then I just say "Let's take the chance and try something new!"
Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't!
Contributor: Avant-garde Avant-garde
Nope, that's why I wouldn't buy it.
Contributor: Dear Ruby Dear Ruby
I really am not in the position to buy things that I'm not at least 98% confident about. However, I have been given some nice gifts that I would not have thought of for myself, but ended up thoroughly enjoying!
Contributor: SMichelle SMichelle
Yes. Sometimes, I'm pleasantly surprised.
Contributor: Chaotic Rantings Chaotic Rantings
Yes a couple of times, talk about money wasted. I am more careful in my choosing now
Contributor: geliebt geliebt
Nah. I always try to select purchases carefully and if I see something that has one or two aspects that don't work for me, I just stay away.
Contributor: mudpie mudpie
Not yet but sometimes I'm really tempted! I'm weak for pretty design, even if it doesn't look right for me...
Contributor: AndroAngel AndroAngel
Ya, I've done that once or twice. It didn't work out so well, except with the Faith, which is definitely too weak for me, but it's adorable, great for nipple stimulation, and fun to play with if I'm not going for an orgasm.
Contributor: Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I wouldn't buy it if I didn't think it would work.
Contributor: Maxx Maxx
Yea, if you have any doubt in a product dont waste your money on it. You could always see if a friend has purchased it and try it if you are close enough with them to do those type of things haha. Wouldnt hurt though.
Contributor: spiced spiced
Yes! I used to buy sex toys just on a whim, rather than the careful research I've been doing lately. The Feeldoe More is a great example! My wife refused to even try it, so I don't actually know if it would work.
Contributor: Girly Juice Girly Juice
Yeah, I thought I'd hate the Sqweel and it ended up being okay.