Homemade/Improvised Sex Toys?

Homemade/Improvised Sex Toys?

Eucaly Eucaly
I wanted to know how many do this (or did this in the past).

There is, of course, the widely-known "washing machine on spin cycle" as an improvised vibrator.

And then, there is the widely-known handles of tools (such as spatula handles) used as dildos.

And lesser-known things such as putting a condom on an electric toothbrush.

In my personal experienced I've used:

-Sitting on a bridge railing near jackhammer work as an improvised vibrator.

-Using condoms to create my own dildos, by filling them with modeling clay, constructed creations of tape and foam rubber, and so on.

-Brush handles (don't like them if they have seams, also scared of their materials).

I no longer use any improvised/homemade toys, because of much better access to the real thing, except for one shower scrubber handle that is certainly pure acrylic and shaped well enough that I don't wish to stop using it.
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ATL Freak ATL Freak
HA, what have I not used? lol
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