How do you give an EF gift?

Contributor: chicmichiw chicmichiw
How do you present the gift to your special person if you bought it from Eden?
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No frills -- look what just came in the mail, here you go!
Leave it on the bed
Leave it in the bath
Wrap it up in your gift paper
Go to dinner and present it afterwards!
Open it together
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Contributor: Cinnyree Cinnyree
i think it would be hot to walk into my bedroom to find a gift on my that's what i would do for someone else too
Contributor: surreptitious surreptitious
Originally posted by chicmichiw
How do you present the gift to your special person if you bought it from Eden?
I just spring it on him! Sometimes I tell him what I've ordered, if it's something that we discuss, but otherwise, I just surprise him.
Contributor: *Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
Since my partner isn't home most of the time he gets pics if it is lingerie with me in it and if it is a toy I send a picture or bring along when I see him so we can play with it together
Contributor: KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
wrap it in paper and then leave it on the bed. Or, if it's lingerie, I'd wear it and lay myself on the bed.
Contributor: Bme Bme
Pick something off her wish list and mail it to her.
Contributor: Jaybird Jaybird
I try to keep it a secret so I can surprise my partner with it, but I always end up bringing up the fact that I got her something, and she always coaxes it out of me. That's okay though; so far the waiting for the item to arrive in the mail has gotten her pretty excited to try out what I've gotten her.
Contributor: ashboo32 ashboo32
No frills
Contributor: mjtheprincess mjtheprincess
I can honestly say I've given an eden gift in every one of these ways, plus a few! I'm big on giving gifts to all my friends, family, and of course, my man! And I like to try to give them differently every time =D