Know anyone with Jodi Arias personality?

Contributor: Noelle Noelle
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I knew a girl with a Jodi Arias personality. Very manipulative, compulsive liar, believed her own lies. She was truly evil, and would have easily hurt someone to benefit herself. I wonder sometimes whatever happened to her, but thankful she isn't in my life anymore! Do you or have you known someone like this?
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Contributor: Real or memorex Real or memorex
I have no idea who this is.
Contributor: Noelle Noelle
LOL she is in the news for stalking and killing her boyfriend. She stabbed him something like 20 times and shot him in the head. She claimed it was intruders and that she wasn't there. She finally confessed after changing her story 3 times. Now she claims it was self defense, but he was stabbed 9 times in the back too. She is on trial in AZ for Capital Murder and faces the death penalty. Google her name..She is CREEPY!!!!
Contributor: hmb12 hmb12
I worry sometimes that someone I know might be violent, but so far it is only that she will steal things and lie without even realizing she is in the wrong.