The bottom line or a shop you trust?

Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I was wondering if the frugal side of me is odd when it comes to sex toy shopping. I will, generally, seek the place where I can find the bottom line price over a store that I have used, trust or looks better in general. Online this can be pretty easy to do. Still, I can understand why people would be reluctant to use a no name store.

So what do you look for?
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Contributor: Epiphora Epiphora
I haven't really bought much from other sex shops online, but recently I've gone around and found toys available elsewhere that aren't on EF. I don't really know how to judge if they are good or not, so I hope other people reply to this thread...
Contributor: Dragon Dragon
I look on Eden first. Eden doesn't carry a lot of stuff that appeals to me on the BDSM side so I might go to something like Madame S. Bottom line for me- Mother of 2, family, living in CA. I don't have a hell of lot of time or money. Most of the time I'm reading or planning reviews. By that metric- I owe Eden a fair amount of loyalty when I am shopping, and I use my discounts here when I do buy toys. Last time I spent money I bought over $200, but I bought everything here.

I love browsing actual shops though.
Contributor: Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
It depends. Usually, if the price difference is small, I'll stick with EF because I trust them implicitly. But if it's a major price difference that I could never get with a discount, and if the shop is at least moderately reliable, I'll go with the other shop. If I have no references whatsoever as to shop's reliability, I won't buy from them at all. I've also "cheated on EF" a few times and bought items that aren't on the site; just yesterday I bought some tingling cream at a sex toy party that isn't available here at EF.
Contributor: Bulma Bulma
I stick with Eden, over 90% of the time. Usually if someplace else has a toy cheaper, the difference is negated once I use my discount it doesn't matter besides with a couple toys that are much cheaper elsewhere. I probably have more loyalty to Eden than is sane though...

There are a couple toys I really want that Eden doesn't have right now, the Tantus Suction Cup for example. I've not bought it yet, though I really really want it...just putting it off hoping Eden gets it before I end up finally buying it elsewhere. Like I said, more loyalty than is sane...
Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Hmm. Most of the time when I shop, the price difference is far from negligibly. Perhaps I just have leet skills. LOL
Contributor: Spiking Glue Spiking Glue
It depends, for me. If I finagle a way to get a substantial discount, I'll happily jump ship and purchase a toy from a less than reputable source. I've bought vibrators from ebay, in the past -- although in that case, they had more than 5 of that single toy in stock, and it was a sterilizable toy.

The first few minutes I'm on a site, I search it for price. After they prove they're not trying to cornhole me, I search for something that proves reputation. An open user format helps -- someplace where consumers are able to freely comment, such as Eden's review system. Or a link to a BBB type profile. I'll often google a business name before I purchase from them, juuust in case it's too good to be true. A surprising number of 'shady' places aren't shady at all... they're just mom&pop style stores that don't know jack about web design/presence.

In any case, I do tend to buy from just Eden. Eden provides me with above average shipping, and average or better prices, a good 8/10. I like feeding the Eden economy, too, because I know if it stays healthy, and continues to make money, they'll continue to provide me with the shipping I adore, at the prices I can live with.

(I sound like I think I can possibly win another contest with this post. :x)
Contributor: Airlia Airlia
I tend to stick to EF, I can do my reviews and I can get a decent price. Maybe 5% of the time I'll look elsewhere but I won't go to any online shop of ill repute because I can't guarantee what I'll get and then the hassle of returning stuff overseas sucks. Why go through that when I know what I'll get?

I also tend to go by other people's opinions (ie babeland is great and a few other sites.)
Contributor: Nashville Nashville
There's only one other site I frequent and that's because some days I can pick up a bottle of lube for $4 or get a toy for 50% off- it's a deep discount. For everything else though I stay with Eden's. I make my big purchases here because out of all the other sites I've been to EF's higher quality items are priced lower. I know and I trust this site.
Contributor: Snappy Snappy
I find that ordering products from the company that makes them is best. They stand behind their product and I know that I'm not purchasing a cheap knock-off.
Contributor: VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I like EF because of the community of people, it makes you feel more comfortable around here with the personal reviews ect... I feel like this is a trustworthy site. They always have some promotions or coupon codes here too.
Contributor: EndlessFrost EndlessFrost
I love EF because it IS the cheapest place around. Can't beat free.
Contributor: K101 K101
I've found a few that are great prices online and I also trust. I love Twisted Miss! They have some very unique items. I also love every Pipe Dream toy Ive had with my entire heart! I like EF, but I've only gotten cal exotic toys from here so far and they were a serious disaster, but that's not EF'S fault. I usually stick with EF, but can't resist Twisted Miss and they're lingerie!
Contributor: kelaaa33wish kelaaa33wish
I shop around, plus I enjoy "window shopping" as my mom always called it. Just looking to see what shops carry and not actually buying anything.
Contributor: Joie de Cherresse Joie de Cherresse
I always shop Eden. I don't go anywhere else!
Contributor: chidoll chidoll
Originally posted by Adriana Ravenlust
I was wondering if the frugal side of me is odd when it comes to sex toy shopping. I will, generally, seek the place where I can find the bottom line price over a store that I have used, trust or looks better in general. Online this can be pretty ... more
I only shop with stores that have really great reputations, no matter what I'm buying. I'm paranoid about online stores that aren't well-known.
Contributor: wetone123 wetone123
I used to shop elsewhere, but I only shop at Edenfantasys now!
Contributor: TheeGirlNextDoor TheeGirlNextDoor
Originally posted by wetone123
I used to shop elsewhere, but I only shop at Edenfantasys now!
Me too! Seriously I just love this site!
Contributor: toxie m toxie m
Eden gets the vast majority of my business. It's very rare to find anything cheaper elsewhere, especially after the discounts all get counted in. Living in Canada and never getting the free shipping deal does suck sometimes, though.
Contributor: Velocity Velocity
I don't go to physical shops, but I have searched online shops for the bottom line that I could trust.
but they look shady or theres not good reviews.
Eden is where I go because I can get points and save money and get something for free or almost free (thus getting bottom line ), the reviews are good and so is the community.