what type of appearance are you attracted to?

what type of appearance are you attracted to?

T&A1987 T&A1987
I understand personality, emotion and intelligence are far more important, but i postulate the following hypothetical: you are in a cafeteria with someone of every age (above 18) race, weight, gender, religion (people wearing a visible religious pendent) and physical characteristic. You decide to ask someone out, but do not have any prior knowledge, other than what is visible. This is for nothing more than a date, no commitments for anything else. What physical characteristics draw you to someone?
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Ghost Ghost
Guy who have goatees and wear black. :/
This describes at least 50% of the men I have dates.
KrazyKandy KrazyKandy
White men with dark hair and light eyes and slim built. YUM
geliebt geliebt
I tend to go for bulky/muscular guys, usually who are also pretty dark-skinned.
Sexy, muscle-y arms are also a big plus! As is facial hair.
Missmarc Missmarc
someone that looks like Christian Bale I am not sure why, I find him incredibly sexy!
- Kira - - Kira -
Blonde hair, blue eyes. That seems to be my "type."
RonLee RonLee
Physically fit, nice back (for a pleasant view when bent over) with a nice non-skinny ass. That being said, personality and intelligence trumps everything else.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
a man that's kind of grungy, older (like mid thirties range),has big muscles, and has gorgeous dark hair and beautiful teeth. i like him to be in 6' to 6'1" range and has a little bit of German/ Scandinavian blood.

I would also prefer an atheist/ agnostic (religion isn't that important, as long as he doesn't shove it down my throat, I'm happy).

um, yeah so that's what I like.
toxie m toxie m
I have two types that sometimes overlap. The first is stocky, blonde haired, blue eyed guys. The other is well-built guys with darker hair (and major bonus points are awarded for decent sideburns/chops and/or at least a few body mods. Stretched lobes [to a point] & septum piercings are serious weaknesses of mine).

I just can't get into skinny guys no matter how hard I try. There needs to be meat on those bones!
AndroAngel AndroAngel
For pure aesthetically pleasing characteristics: Male or androgynous, slim (without being anorexic), long and/or scruffy hair (typically blonde or black), good cheek-bones, beautiful eyes (color doesn't matter as long as they're striking), slim jaw, not too tall, not too hairy (especially no hair on the back), great ass, great hips and thighs, pretty curves (guys can totally have curves, they just have different curves than women), wearing a pentagram, preferably.

For women it's much the same, except with an add-in of breasts between an a-cup and a c-cup, and not as slim as I like my men and possibly with a softer face, though not entirely necessary.
Ash1141 Ash1141
Tall slim guys with tattoos and dark hair.
Avant-garde Avant-garde
A girl with an average build that's healthy with decent cloths. Nothing expensive or anything from the thrift store. She is sitting at a table with a laptop that has Linux installed on it, which she did personally. A girl like that has root access to my heart for sure.
Hrm Goth/Punk guys who grew up & got over taking themselves so seriously, but still have a bit of that vibe. Skinny, pale, black-wearing, look good in eyeliner... that type of thing. Non-hairy is a plus. Good teeth. Non-smoker/chewer... chewing just is ew & I just quit smoking a few months ago, so no bad influences, please!

That's just what makes me go "Oooh!" But I date all types of guys - different builds, colors, hair, etc. etc. Just depends on who I click with.

Ohh... and agnostic or pagan or pagan-friendly. And... uh... being at least, like, 28 would be nice. And ... doing something that seems intelligent, like reading or having a deep conversation, rather than shouting & throwing food.
Beck Beck
Dark hair, tall, slender, good teeth, pale, tattooed, not hairy, short hair, and atheist.

I find atheist to be important that way we have the same values. I love me a tattooed biker/ rock and roller man. YUMMY just as long as they look clean and not like the ones who look like they have not washed their ass in years. EWWW.

For women I like busty, full figured, dark hair, pale, and more butch. I like girls who look like me
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I tend to go for men who are blondes with blue eyes that are slender. Describes myhuby and best friend. Hubbys a black belt in martial arts and best friends a marine so they just have that slender build.
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