What's your favorite kind of toy and why?

Contributor: EdenUser448 EdenUser448
Just food for thought I suppose.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Originally posted by EdenUser448
Just food for thought I suppose.
Dear EdenUser448,
That would definitely be a nice question for a poll!
And this will be damn hard to answer 'cause we all have so many. Are you asking about a type of a toy, or a specific toy? It will be incredibly tricky to narrow down.

Let's see...
Let's get the obvious out of our way and mention the Womanizer - it kinda goes without saying, that baby is brilliant, and there's nothing else to add to it.

Staying on the topic of clitoral teasers, which I also could call one of my faves, the Wicked Bunny is 100% my kind of a toy. It's perky, it's fun, it's super functional, and I can even say multifunctional. Let me say emphasize that I'm don't think Wicked Bunny is supreme to all other clit toys - it's only that, nowadays, it's a go-to choice once I open my toy box. After all, clitoral stimulators are the girl's best friends, as we all know in the industry, so it'll be hard passing on them.

With that behind us, I think I'll name the Magic Force, our savvy wand, as one of my favorite toys. I do adore wands as a whole for their versatility and - duh - power, but Magic Force kind of stands out. Not only because it packs quite a punch for such a compact rechargeable toy or because of its fancy and plenty of fun attachments. I love it because, being a wand massager, it's still small and pretty quiet, which contributes immensely to that full relaxation and spa-ish feeling I get when I'm alone with it.

Moving on to the back, butt plugs. To my shame, I didn't manage to nail all that beading off thing the first time we tried it, and now I'm sort of avoiding beads. And I'm also not into anal thrusting when it's done with a toy, so my #1 anal toy option has been and always will be the majestic butt plug. I won't say a have a type, but the Precious Heart is my spirit sex toy if you know what I mean.

Since my fiance and I are now in our active BDSM exploration phase, I'm forming a couple of strong opinions on fetish toys, too. First off, spanking with implements - not my thing, at least for now. I like to feel his hand, and, for me, an implement, even if it is a cutesy heart paddle, takes away a bit of human warmth out of the experience. Bondage sets, on the other hand, have got me bound... to them. The Soft Touch restraint kit looked so scary yet so mesmerizing I couldn't resist it, although it won't be my first option if suggesting bondage gear to a beginner. We just got it, we set it up, and we hit it off. From that day forward, I'm a die-hard fan of all-body bondage.

And now, the last but not the least, the remote-controlled bullets and eggs. They might qualify as clit teasers that I've mentioned before, but these are actually an independent category, just because of the plethora of fun activities they allow. My absolute favorite type of night out or an evening walk is the one when we bring a remote-controlled egg or bullet along, with the bullet itself hidden in my panties and the remote hidden in my fiance's pocket. Usually, I go with the all-time classic - the Adventure Egg. It sits inside or on the outside nicely, it has strong enough vibrations, and the remote-control range of that thing is very impressive. Plus - totally discreet, never got a single weird look, no even "is someone's phone on vibrate?"-kind of looks. Let me say now, THAT is an adventure.
Contributor: Hotrlk76 Hotrlk76
Originally posted by EdenUser448
Just food for thought I suppose.
My favorite toy to use is my wand vibrator. I was unsure about it when my husband got it for me, it was nothing like I ever thought I would use. The first couple of times I used it I could not release enough for it to be enjoyable. On the fourth try it took all of 4 minutes for my legs to start shaking and the eruption of some noise. Thank goodness no one was at home. I am looking for a new toy to purchase and tryout wish me luck on finding a great one.