Where do you hide your toys?

Contributor: lulz lulz
How do you get away with them if you live with other people? What happened if/when someone found them?
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Contributor: Geogeo Geogeo
In my dresser.
Contributor: married with children married with children
we have a few spots where we hid them. we only have to worry about the kids finding them. no one else goes in our bedroom.
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
I keep them in our walk-in closet, nobody except my husband and I will go in there.
Contributor: Huff Huff
Shoe boxes in the closet. They're getting full so it might be time to buy some new shoes.
Contributor: - Kira - - Kira -
I have two footlockers and a big chest thing, but they're not really "hidden." I have too many to hide them away at this point.
Contributor: Jordan B Jordan B
Got a couple in the night table but now we're starting to have too many. We've just got them stacked up in boxes. Good thing we live alone
Contributor: Velocity Velocity
When I live in the dorm, I put them in the same drawer that I put my bed linens and towels. A place where my roommate has no business going into.
Contributor: legna legna
I keep them in one of my dresser draws. It is one place no one in the household has any business getting into for any reason.
Contributor: MnK MnK
Since my girlfriend and I live with my parents at the moment, we keep all of our toys in a box in the closet
Contributor: Apirka Apirka
Even though I live with nosy people, I don't really "hide" my stash. Though it is in a place that nobody has any business getting into. I bought a drawer tower type thing at Wal-Mart and have everything stored in there... though the drawers are clear plastic, anything that didn't come with a storage pouch has its own handmade drawstring pouch so nothing can be seen through the plastic drawer. The whole thing actually works out quite well because I'm able to separate toy type and keep them in different drawers/areas, with my most used in the top drawer and the whole thing is used as a nightstand.
Contributor: LaSchwartz LaSchwartz
under my bed in a box.
Contributor: Bex1331 Bex1331
I... yea I don't hide them...
people have found them, I don't really care lol
Contributor: gloomybear gloomybear
i kept them under my bed when i lived in a dorm room now i have my own room with locked doors
Contributor: dirtythoughts:) dirtythoughts:)
I usually keep them in a dresser drawer or closet. I never had to worry about anyone finding them because my bf and I have basically lived together since I started buying toys.
Contributor: Love Obsessed Love Obsessed
They are in one of those three drawer storage bins in the closet.Some are inside of the drawers and some sit on the top of it.Anyone that peeps in my closet could see them and I don't really care.