Where is the oddest or funniest place that you have stored your sex toys?

Contributor: LittleMissBliss LittleMissBliss
I will start off by sharing how I received my secret stash spot. One Christmas I was given as a gift an adorable teddy bear with red gift sack attached to its back. When I bought my first ever toy bullet I came to an epiphany... "This is the perfect spot!" After a while I named this Christmas bear Mr. Teddy Bear. As I like to often name my bears given to me. Every Christmas as well I do find a new toy or accessory in their from my fiance as a surprise, but no one else ever thinks to check Mr. Teddy Bear's sack for my toys!!!
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Contributor: BrokeNHorny BrokeNHorny
My first stash was in an old alarm clock box in the closet in my dorm. It worked out well, and nobody found it, but it ran out of room quickly. I have a suitcase now, a testament to how awesome this site is.
Contributor: KnK KnK
Um, let's see

I've hidden them in my purse. On a road trip, I've stuck a vibe in my coat pocket. I've stashed my toys in my dresser drawer, in my desk, I think I once stashed one in a boot because I panicked and it was the first place I thought of.

Yeah, boot is probably the weirdest, but funniest spot. Now I keep my toys in a basket next to my bed. It goes unseen from my door, and I keep all the toys in the packaging face down. It's not very clear what they are unless you're nosy. I don't try and hide them. If someone wants to be nosy, I'll laugh when they freak out and figure out what they are. That's what you get for being nosy. My roommates know they're there. lol
Contributor: LittleMissBliss LittleMissBliss
Wow, a suit case! I have only been on this site since November of 2010. I would have to say a suitcase size collection is quite an accomplishment. I know that I have a lot of items on my wish list and have yet to purchase them all. I also have thought of doing reviews on items too, but I am more expressive in my writing than factual. That's why I chat here on the forums. I have also never used a boot, but I have to say I would spray them with Febreze before I used them again if I did put my toys there. Haha.. On another note, I keep the batteries to all my toys in a dresser drawer, easy for changing. I have to stock up on those a lot. Otherwise, my family members have to ask where the batteries are for the TV remote.
Contributor: Naughty Student Naughty Student
I used to have a sex toy that I hid in between my matresses. It was the best place I could find for it with my very immature and uncreative mind, lol. Now that I am older I have a nice box to store them in.
Contributor: Mr. & Mrs. Peg Mr. & Mrs. Peg
I used to store my condoms under this huge midway polar bear that a girlfriend gave me when I was in highschool. My bed was kitty corner in the room and the bear was on a tower speaker in the corner behind the headboard. My dad found them one day and cut them all in half and left me a note. Guess it wasn't that good of a stash.
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
I'm pretty lame, I used to keep a vibe under my pillow, but that ended when I knocked it off the bed (loft bed) and it hit the floor and never worked right again, lol.