Why did you start using sex toys?

Contributor: AliMc AliMc
What first encouraged you to delve into the world of sex toys?
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Contributor: SMichelle SMichelle
For me, it was just curiosity. I had seen them in the adult section of a certain novelty store many times, and I kept thinking... I wonder what the fuss is all about? Finally, I picked one up and gave it a try.
Contributor: surreptitious surreptitious
I was in a long distance relationship and my partner wanted to see things go inside me when we cammed, so he bought me a vibe and I used it at his request. It definitely wasn't because of any interest of my own.
Contributor: Pumpk1nPatch Pumpk1nPatch
I had always had interest, but it wasn't til a boyfriend suggested that I get one, then I took it to the extreme.
Contributor: Nezzie13 Nezzie13
I realized early on that although my finger felt good inside me, it wasn't big enough (For years I could only insert one)
I waited until I'd experienced PIV intercourse as I didn't want to break my own hymen (I didn't use tampons so it hadn't had to stretch), and it was such a pleasant experience my love for penetration blossomed.
Thus the dildo-collecting began!
Contributor: evanescentowl evanescentowl
It was under the encouragement of my partners they I tried a sex toy. I was (and still am) woefully inexperienced in what makes me feel good, and it wasn't until my most recent partner that someone cared enough to try and figure it out. He suggested that I tried on my own, but I'm too much of a baby to try with my fingers (and I like keeping my nails long), ergo, toys.
Contributor: ICEE ICEE
it was my ex at the time
Contributor: foxinlace foxinlace
In high school my sister got me one of those I Rub My Duckie toys on a whim. That was my first toy. I got myself a lipstick vibe after that, but nothing penetrative until college, when I started being concerned about being painfully tight. My delving into a variety of toys was begun by a desire to practice insertion so that sex wouldn't be as painful for me. What started out as a medical necessity in my mind has become a hobby and I'm very pleased with how things have turned out so far.
Contributor: TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
I bought my first traditional vibe because I needed it. lol After that my ex bought me toys. He broke a lot of them, and then a malicious roommate stole my porn and the rest of the toys. I had probably 3 toys that escaped, but they were made of poor materials. I didn't really start building an actual collection that I'm proud of until three months ago. Now I have quite a few toys, and am going to keep collecting. I love it. My husband has a low libido and this allows me to get mine. It's turned into a hobby and is border lining on obsession. I'm alright with it.
Contributor: Girly Juice Girly Juice
My then-FWB took me to my first sex shop. I'd always had a healthy sex drive but had never used toys (except for the bath faucet and an electric toothbrush, which don't really count!). I just figured it was time to try.
Contributor: This Is For The Birds This Is For The Birds
When I got with my husband we had an excellent sex life, even after I got pregnant, I was still always ready to jump in bed with him. After I was pregnant and he knew our relationship was serious he introduced me to his second mother, a friend of his' mother. She was an independent sex toy rep. She happen to getting ready to go host a party one night when we dropped by and the discussion had come up of how I didn't even think it felt good to masturbate, which she then prompted that I should try with toys. I reassured her that, that would never happen.
Well after that my step mother always joked about how she was going to get me the "I rub my duckie" toy for my bridal shower, since I love ducks. So my bridal party threw me a naughty and nice themed shower, everyone had to bring a 'nice' gift and a 'naughty' gift, so of course I got some toys. They sat in my bed side table for a few weeks before my husband finally said lets try them, I was still if'y but decided I would try them for him, and ever since then, my toy collection has grown. I started buying from my husbands second mother until I found EF and I could review for exchange of discounted or possibly even free toys and at the same time earn points to get more, I loved it, & I have been here for almost a year now and have been using toys for a little over two years.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
I had a sexual reawakening spring of last year & didn't have a good lover. so it was the only thing I could do to satisfy myself sexually.
Contributor: Pastafariette Pastafariette
I couldn't masturbate safely after I started seriously growing out my nails, so I started looking into sex toys.
Contributor: SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Addiction to have better and better orgasms with each other.
Contributor: CinnamonNights CinnamonNights
Part of the reason was due to being in a very committed long distance relationship, and I still have needs--a lot of them--after all. I was also already very curious and interested in the idea of sex toys, so as soon as I turned 18 I ran off to buy my very first one.
Contributor: Teaser Teaser
I bought her the first one because it sounded like fun, and I wanted to please her in as many ways as possible. I buy almost all of our toys, but she will use them together with me or (I assume) alone.
Contributor: Holly Wood Holly Wood
My second husband was flabbergasted that I never owned a vibrator, so he immediately took me to the closest adult store he could track down (we were in Vegas at the time) and bought me the most ridiculous rabbit he could find - light-up, metal beads, g-spot head, 20-bajillion functions, and a corded (like a telephone) butt-plug, each piece with an independent motor to do whatever with.

It was probably used a total of less than 20 times and another toy wasn't bought for at least five years or so. Then, finding the right types of toys for me, it all went downhill from there.
Contributor: Lucifer the Cat Lucifer the Cat
Originally posted by ICEE
it was my ex at the time
same here.
Contributor: TexasFire TexasFire
Call me old-fashioned ... but my partner and I wanted to save vaginal intercourse for marriage. But we did some experimenting in the meanwhile finding out how to please each other.