How to get my wife on board to milk my prostate?

Contributor: Lordbunslayer87 Lordbunslayer87
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Contributor: RonLee RonLee
Ask her. There's no "trick" just ask her to do that for you. However, she might not know how so YOU may have to help her to learn how to do what you want.
Contributor: fovihodo fovihodo
Originally posted by Lordbunslayer87
If you are close, just ask.
Contributor: AllensSexSlave85 AllensSexSlave85
Your wife probably secretly wants to do it Just be forward with it... You'd be surprised how many men love it and how many women love doing it
Contributor: Midlife-crisis Midlife-crisis
Just ask her. I was nervous about asking mine until one day I got the courage up and did it. Now we enjoy it regularly.
Contributor: Robin Goodfellow Robin Goodfellow
Talk, talk, talk. It's cliche, but communication is the key to kinky relationships (and all relationships).

Lead the conversation. Be confident in your desires.
Be light, humorous and carefree- Do not get offended or hurt feelings if she has lackluster initial reactions to your desires. It happens.

If you act like an adult and speak with care and intention about your relationship and mutual happiness within it- partners respond.

Also with prostate play, there are potential health benefits- so don't forget to mention that fringe benefit!

Good luck!
Contributor: fovihodo fovihodo
how are you? everything went well?
Contributor: Lordbunslayer87 Lordbunslayer87
Originally posted by fovihodo
how are you? everything went well?
Thanks for asking!!! Everything went well. My wife was surprisingly accepting of my proposal, and she stated how she wasn’t quite sure of proper technique on the prostate play, so I just left it at that for the time being, it wasn’t a yes or no answer. So I gave her time to think, research, or address it her way. So I never mentioned it again, about 2 weeks after the initial conversation. She surprisingly took control and had her way with me! I never asked, and she never told, but by her actions after/during this to me, she has less hesitation about getting wild herself! So this turned into a win for us both!