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This three disc collection is jam packed with bonus features and includes both DVD and Blu-Ray format. Fighters features an All-Star cast at their absolute best. With very strong performances from Tommy Gunn, Jesse, and Kayden, this will surely become a classic and keep you coming back for more.
All-Star Cast, Great acting, and a Good storyline!
Not a lot of variety.
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover is not as colorful as others from the professions series (Teachers, Nurses, Baby Sitters, etc.), but is none the less gorgeous. Stoya, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, and newcomer Bibi Jones surround the number one girl Jesse Jane on the front cover. On the bottom shows a picture of Kayden and Jesse Boxing.

The back cover is typical of adult films; several bang shots and a general description of the film. The back also has credits listed on it, in a format that is very much like a non-adult Hollywood DVD.

The three discs come in a fold out type case; on each flap is a nude picture of one of the contract girls posing sexily. The pictures are quite simply gorgeous.

The menus have the same color scheme as the front cover and have simlar pictures as the front cover. There is a pretty cool rock song (no actual lyrics) in the background. The menus are very simple to navigate.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts by showing Jesse (Jane) and Bibi (Jones) fighting in the halls between periods at school. Riley (Steele) who is Jesse’s sister looks on as a mob of students encourage the two to keep the fight going. Soon the fight is broken up by a teacher, and the two are sent to the principle’s office. The principle tells Jesse that she is going to giver her a week of detention and she will have to call her father.

Kayden, a girl with seemingly an excess amount of luxuries, finds as she returns to her huge mansion, that she has been given another new car. Kayden’s house keeper hands her the mail, which includes tons of Birthday cards and College letters wanting her to attend their university. Kayden’s friend Stoya (who finds the housekeeper’s daughter to be extremely attractive) comes over, and finds an upset Kayden. Kayden explains that her father will be working late and will not be home for her birthday.

While Jesse serves her detention, Bibi mocks her from outside the hallway then leaves. Later Bibi shows up at Jesse’s home while Jesse is away. An aggravated Tommy (Gunn) answers the door, pissed off that Bibi is late. The two go into the dingy apartment’s bedroom and there they have oral (on both, by both) and vaginal sex.

When Jesse arrives home, Bibi is just leaving. Jesse and Bibi lock eyes, and Tommy looks like a whipped puppy.

The next scene show s Riley (Steele) and a guy getting hot and heavy. The two have oral and vaginal sex. After the banging, the guy tells Riley that she better leave soon. The guy is a major prick and tells her that she should not be so easy.

Kayden is now shown training at a gym. Later at the mansion, there is a party going on. Stoya introduces her date as “meatpuppet” (Erik Everhard). Kayden is talking with Manuel Ferrara. Later when things are heating up with Manuel and Kayden, they are interrupted by Stoya and meatpuppet. As Kayden and Manuel make their way to the bed, Manuel falls onto a boxing glove; he quickly disapproves of her practicing boxing. After arguing, the two have oral and vaginal sex.

Meanwhile in another room, Stoya and meatpuppet get freaky on a bed. The two have vaginal and oral sex.

After telling Kayden about a underground boxing gym Vicki Chase goes to find Stoya. Stoya walks in on a half naked Stoya and her friend from earlier. Stoya makes meatpuppet show Vicki his dick. After Stoya leaves, the two get it on and have vaginal and oral sex.

At the gym Scott (Nails) teaches Jesse how to box. After the training, Scott invites Jesse to watch him box. He explains that there are no winners or losers, it is just him and some buddies fighting.

While at the boxing match, Jesse is told by Scott that she should give it a try one Friday. Jesse decides to train under Scott for a fight. After the training, Jesse returns home and promptly gets into a heated argument with her abusive father. Here we learn that Tommy beat Jesse’s mother, and that it lead to her suicide. The argument (not physical) leaves Tommy in tears. Jesse splits.

Jesse goes to the gym where Scott gives her a shoulder to cry on. The two kiss and this leads to the two having oral and vaginal sex.

Back at Kayden’s gym, Kayden is having a freak out on her trainer, accusing him of leaving her like her father has left her. Kayden then kisses the guy and one thing leads to another and the two have sex. This scene features oral and vaginal sex.

The fight night has arrived, but before we get to that. Stoya has blackmailed Vicki into letting her sleep with Vicki’s boyfriend. This so called nice guy jumps o the opportunity and the two have oral and vaginal sex.

Back at the apartment, Tommy finds a note from Riley telling him that she went to see Jesse box, as well as where the match will be.

After given instructions, the two combatants begin their fight. Kayden wins the first fight easily. Jesse kicks Kayden’s ass in the second round. The winner of the third and final round is…

You’ll have to buy the film to see who wins…

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The picture quality is outstanding as this was shot in HD (Full 1080p). The camera angles were also very good. During the plot scenes the camera angles were very cinematic, during the sex the cameras angles were great and documented the sex quite well.

The audio was very good and there were no issues with unclear dialogue or sound dropping out, as is the case with other adult films. The musical score in this film is outstanding from an emotional violent to a rap song during an intense training session, this really has an awesome sound track.

Bonus Features:
Bonus Trailers
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes
Deleted Scenes/Outtakes

Personal Comments:
Digital Playground really knows how to please its fans while also giving their work the respect and attention it deserves. This feature, along with so many others, and especially the professions series, is jam packed with bonus features. No expense seem to have been spared, from top to bottom, from cover to cover, to even the camera’s they use in their film, everything is always top notch.

Digital Playground has the hottest and most talented contract stars, maybe none as more talented than Kayden Kross. Kayden is a gifted actress, and her spoken lines always have a great amount of emotion the lends to the film being more believable (Which a lot of adult films have trouble with). Jesse Jane is another contract star that excels in her acting abilities, perhaps to a lesser extent than Kayden, but she makes up for it in her sex scenes.

The acting was very good in this film, especially by Tommy Gunn. This guy has got some talent. He was especially great in the scene that brought him to tears. Early in the film Vicki seemed to struggle with her spoken lines, but totally redeemed herself with not only her body language and spoken dialogue later on in the film. Stoya was also very good, extremely sexy, and great in her acting scenes and her sex scenes.

There were a few spots that I felt were a little too dramatic mostly when you look at Kayden’s storyline. Sometimes Kayden can turn into a soap star. The two storylines are so much different, it is like watching two different film productions. This was certainly the most dramatic of all of the profession theme based films.

I am giving this a five star rating.

SIDE NOTE: I had trouble getting this to run on my laptop, got it to run once, but it skipped around so. No screenies this time, sorry folks.
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