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Hmmmm, pirate booty!

Porn stars playing pirates and pirate hunters, what a great combination. Add in a huge budget, plenty of hot stars and costumes, a lot of plot, and you get a very entertaining movie. While not quite as good as the first, it is still worth it, and I am glad I finally got both of these movies.
Lots of anal, lots of sex, same characters, lots of pirate action. ARGH!
Volume louder during sex scenes, too many very short sex scenes.
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Pirates: Stagnetti's Revenge
Directed by Joone
Produced by Samantha Lewis & Joone

Evan Stone, Jesse Jane, Stoya, Gabriella Fox, Riley Steele, Shay Jordan, Katsuni, Sasha Grey, Shawna Lenee, Belladonna, Brianna Love, Jenna Haze, Rhylee Richards, Tommy Gunn, Steven St. Croix, and Ben English.

Disk 1 Menu
Play Movie, Scene Selection, Audio Options, and Special Features.

Disk 2 Extended Sex Scenes
You can choose from the 10 scenes featured in movie, and it includes a bonus sex scene with Belladonna, Katsuni, and Stoya. Total of 2:40.

Disk 3
BTS that lasts 1:30, a Slide Show, and Featurettes.

Disk 4
Production Extras, Extended BTS, Pirates 1 Extras, and Trailers.

Feature Presentation
We start aboard a ship, being chased by pirates. The ship is attacked, and a priest hides in a cabin swallowing a glowing pearl. Xifeng (Katsuni) kills the priest, and gets the pearl. Captain Reynolds (Evan Stone) is dictating his log and recounting how he defeated Stagnetti. Wu's sister Al Chow (Shay Jordan) joins the ship with a book for her brother, and is shown sucking one dick while another man starts licking her ass. Then she has a dick in her pussy and another in her mouth. Multiple quick changes, and she is very loud. They show the cumshots after 3 minutes.

Governor Lyttelton (Ben English) is acting as a pirate, and threatening Riley Steele and Shawna Lenee. The girls start undressing and kissing, and then start fellatio. PIV follows, and this lasts 4 minutes before the cumshot to their faces. Jules Steel (Jesse Jane) and Reynolds have gone to Lyttelton to ask for a pardon for Serena (Janine), but it isn't looking good. They make an agreement with the Governor, where they will hunt down Xifeng and return the blue pearl.

Olivia (Belladonna), Serena's sister, is trying to organize a mutiny fearing Reynolds abilities, and Jules isn't having it. Jules grabs Olivia's throat, and then they grab each other. A very aggressive scene between them, with Olivia fingering Jules ass, licking her fingers, then anal fingering for Olivia. Plenty of spanking between the two of them and they trib with Olivia on top. They showed 9 minutes of action, and it was pretty hot.

Reynolds and Jules pay for their way onto a ship to an island where Xifeng is located. Reynolds has a panic attack realizing he is a horrible captain, and Jules tries to calm him down. Just when they are about to kiss, Reynolds leaves to go pee. They arrive on the island, and split up to search it. Reynolds arrives in a whore auction, and Jenna Haze is up for bidding. Reynolds wins her for a rather large sum of booty.

Jules has better luck, and finds Xifeng's tent. But her luck quickly runs out when she is captured, and poisoned. Reynolds enjoys the company of the auctioneer, and he gets to watch a rather large orgy going on. It was hard to keep track, but it had 5 women and 3 men. Plenty of sucking and fucking, some anal, and a lot of moaning. The only person I recognized was Manuel Ferrara.

Now we find Wu and Captain Oxford, who was promoted in Reynolds absence, on the island and they get surrounded by a large sum of pirates. Marco (Steven St. Croix) is in a bar drunk and upset, but Al Chow makes him feel better. He starts kissing her breasts and rubbing and licking her pussy, then PIV sex, tit slapping, and cock sucking. Cumshot to stomach after about 4 minutes. Now Al Chow falls in love with Marco, but he isn't returning the feelings. She quickly attacks him, bringing him to his knees, literally.

Reynolds goes off to use Jenna, and we find them kissing totally naked. Fellatio, sucking his cannon balls, and doggy style. She then tells him that he can take her ass, and he happily accepts. Cumshot to her chest after 6 minutes. Then Jules comes in, distracts Reynolds saying she wants him, and Xifeng and her men capture Reynolds. Reynolds gets thrown in a pit, and out comes a scary beast that eats one man. Olivia kills the beast, and a mystery woman helps them escape. They leave the island on this mystery woman's ship, and we find out it is Maria (Sasha Grey).

Back on the ship, Reynolds is visited by Brianna Love and Rhylee Richards, and they are wanting to hear the story of how Reynolds defeated Stagnetti. He tells quite an elaborate story, with a giant porcupine that has three lion heads, a serpeant tail, alligator feet, and spider hands. The women fall for the tall tale, and we then find Reynolds getting his dick sucked, PIV sex with both women, anally with Brianna, and the cumshot to their faces after 3 minutes.
We then find Xifeng firing the globe into the ocean where Stagnetti lies, and after creating a giant carter in the water, they send a man down to retrieve a body, Stagnetti's body. He's back! Olivia feels that Stagnetti is alive, and is upset that she didn't kill him when she had the chance.

Stagnetti, Jules, and Xifeng start a three-way. Fingering for Jules and she licks Xifeng. Then Jules sucking Stagnetti, Stagnetti inside of Jules, then Stagnetti inside Xifeng. Anal sex for Xifeng, and a facial cumshot 5 minutes later.

With Olivia, Reynolds, and Maria gaining on Stagnetti's ship, Stagnetti commands a skeleton pirate ship to attack them. They fight the skeletons, and beat them. But then Stagnetti summons a sea serpeant that is about to eat their ship. Olivia jumps onto Stagnetti's ship, and fights Xifeng. Marco commands a ship that fires at the sea serpanant, but Wu wont fire another shot until Marco agrees to marry Wu's sister. Marco eventually agrees, after he cries like a little baby. Wu fires at just the right moment to get the beast, and Wu shit his pants again!

Olivia cuts off Xifeng's head, and now must fight Jules, who is still poisoned. But Stagnetti and Reynolds now face off after Olivia and Jules are trapped under a mast. After a short fight, Reynolds gets stabbed in the chest. But he continues to fight, and gets Stagnetti through the stomach. Jules recovers from her poison, but Stagnetti disappears from the ship. Is he alive, or back at the bottom of the ocean?

Jules goes to Marco, and even though they don't care for each other anymore, they are still fighting. Jules starts rubbing his crotch, just as Al Chow comes into the cabin. She is alright with this, as long as Marco loves her. Both Marco and Jules get the idea for a threesome, and Al Chow goes for it. First with cock sucking, Marco licking Jules, then fucking her, then fucking Al Chow. Too many quick cuts between positions, and a cumshot to Jules's chest after 5 minutes.

Olivia and Maria comes to apologize to Reynolds, then asks him to go back to the pirates island to go rescue Serena. They seduce him, and he starts kissing them both. Reynolds licking Maria licking Olivia, then the girls sucking cock and balls. Olivia takes Reynolds full cock down her throat, then more fucking Olivia and Maria. Olivia then licks Reynolds ass, and Reynolds in Olivia's ass. Maria then licks and fingers Olivia's ass. Cumshot 6 minutes later.

The movie ends after 2:13 with the two ships sailing off for the pirates island to save Serena.

I enjoyed this movie, but not quite as much as the first. I liked how there was a lot of the same characters, and the movie still had its comic moments. However, I didn't think there was as much plot as the first, and there were more sex scenes thrown into the movie. Even though their length appears to be about the same as the scenes from the first, it just felt like the sex dominated this one, but they were too short to really get into. I will dock a star for that, but otherwise another great movie.
Follow-up commentary
I was saving writing the follow-up review to get an impression from my wife and how she liked it, but I have had this for almost a year, and she has yet to watch it. I have brought it up a few times about watching this and the original Pirates, but she doesn't really care to do it. So I will stick with my original impression about the film. It is still enjoyable, but not as much as the first. If I was going to pick up a porn to sit back and watch, it would be the original Pirates right now.
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  • Rarity
    What a thorough review! It's sad to hear that the scenes were too short.

    Thanks for the review.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for reading. But they included the full sex scenes on another disk, so its alright.
  • Lindsey123
  • Archery
    Thanks for this review!
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