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The Golden Booty!

Pirates Stagnetti's Revenge could possibly be the best Adult Film made to date, from the great acting to the awesome cinematography, this is just an outstanding comedic action-adventure! Never have I come across an adult film that was not only extremely funny, but also had a great pace as to not bore the viewer. This truly is an epic feature worth multiple viewings.
Very funny, great acting, great sex, and tons of extra features!
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Front Cover:
The front cover is gorgeously designed, with seven pictures of the beautiful female talent. In the background is an ocean with three ships, a Skeleton and a pyramid. This is reminiscent of major Hollywood films.

Back cover:
On the back is a description of the movie and various awards it has won as well as 13 screenshots from the film. The back clearly states what content comes in this 4-disc set.

The menus are beautiful while also being really easy to navigate. The home menu’s background audio is sounds of a boat sailing, which is a really nice touch, it is sort of relaxing.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The movie starts out with a Royal Navy ship being tossed around by a storm, when the spotter sounds the alarm that an incoming ship is on the horizon. The crew suspects that it is a pirate ship but can not identify the ship’s banner. Accompanying them is a priest. As the dark ship looms closer and attempts to board the ship, the captain orders the priest bellow deck where he hides in a large storage chest after ingesting a glowing marble. Soon the door leading to the room is broken down and in steps a pirate. The pirate immediately kills a servant with his sword and then finds the priest. The pirate takes the priest on deck where we meet Xifeng (portrayed by Katsuni) the leader of the of pirates. Xifeng finds where he has hidden the marble and cuts open his belly to retrieve it.

The next scene starts out bellow deck in the interior of Captain Reynolds’s private quarters. Here Captain Reynolds (Evan Stone) is recounting the battle where he defeated Stagnetti, and promptly has an argument with Oxford (third in command) over who defeated Stagnetti, he or his master gunner Wu Chow. The camera then shows above deck where Jules Steel (Jesse Jane) is giving the crew combat lessons; all of the crew pays close attention (mostly to Jules breasts). Back bellow deck Captain Reynolds tells Oxford that he is glad to have Wu’s sister Ai Chow (Shay Jordan) on board, for she has helped the crew relieve stress with her “Buddhist massages” (Reynolds is completely unaware that she is having sex with the crew). After a short sex scene (oral, vaginal, and anal) featuring Ai and two crewmates (James Deen & Mick Blue), the ship sets sale for port where Reynolds will ask Governor Lyttelton (Ben English) for a pardon for his pirate friend.
PompousCaptain Crewthatstares Shay

The next scene starts out with the Governor role playing as Pirate “double dick” Willy and interrogating the governor’s two daughters (Riley Steele & Shawna Lenee). The two women are actually prostitutes. The three have a threesome which involves oral, vaginal and anal sex.

After joining Reynolds and Jules in the dinning room, Governor Lyttelton sets the two on a mission to retrieve a lost artifact, a magical marble. The Governor tries to instigate a threesome with the pair of pirate hunters (he even rubs Reynolds leg, which makes Reynolds leap from his chair)

Before going on the new mission Olivia (Belladonna) and Jules part take in each others company. This was quite a rough girl on girl scene.

The crew sets sail for the pirate city; here they run into all sorts of adventure and trouble. After purchasing a women slave at an auction, Reynolds bonds with a pirate “Evil Gold” and the two watch an orgy together. Meanwhile Jules has been captured by Xifeng and her mind taken control of. After the orgy Reynolds has sex with his newly purchased slave (Jena Haze). After sex, Jules interrupts them and tries to force herself on Reynolds who resists. Xifeng enters and takes Reynolds hostage; she throws him into an arena where he must fight a giant centipede. Reynolds is saved by the pirate Olivia.
Banditcamp Auction Orgy Control StoneHaze

The next scene shows Ai meeting a drunken pirate Captain Marco (Steven St. Croix) in a bar and proclaiming her love for him. The two have sex in a barn (oral, vaginal, and anal).

The next scene shows Reynolds in his quarters relaxing when two young women enter and instigate a threesome. There is a lot of comedy leading up to this threesome when Reynolds tells an outlandish tale to entice the women.

The next scene show Xifeng placing the glowing marble into a musket and firing it into the sea, the sea parts and one of her crew members descends the abyss and returns with a skeleton. Xifeng performs magic on the skeleton and Stagnetti (Tommy Gunn) is reborn.
Parttheseas Rebirth entervictor

The next scene show Xifeng, Jules and Stagnetti having a threesome (oral, vaginal, and anal) afterward they are interrupted when Captain Reynolds attacks their ship.

After a hard fought battle and Reynolds being victorious the crew settles down and relaxes. Two more sex scene before the end, a threesome with Reynolds, Olivia, and Maria (Sasha Grey) and a threesome with Ai, Jules, and Marco.

Camera work:
I can not say enough good things about the camera quality and the stellar camera work. The CG was spectacular, the boats were all in CG yet it was not clear to the eye that this was the case. Obviously there are no swashbuckling skeletons in real life, but the CG in this movie could pass as life like.

Sound work:
This film features some of the best sound work in Adult film, and rivals any major Hollywood feature. The ambiance and the background music is exceptional, giving this a major Theatrical feel.

Special Features:
Shot in 1080p
16x9 Widescreen format
Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Stars Audio Commentary
Extended Sex Scenes
Bonus Sex Scene
Behind The Scenes Making Of
Behind The Scenes Slide Show
Special Featurettes
Riley Steele First Day On Set
Star Interviews/Confessionals
Making Of FX
Casting Call
Deleted Scenes
Pirates Makes History AVN 2006
Pirates Premiere Party
No Regional Coding

Personal Comments:
This could be the best Adult Film ever created, and while it has been almost two years since being released, nothing has come close to the greatness of this movie. The acting was great, which did wonders for this movie, for you can have the best CG, camera work, sound work, and a huge budget, but if you do not have the acting then you will not have a very good movie. Evan Stone shined brightly in this film, his delivery of jokes was so spot, I can not tell you how many times he had me cracking up. I do not feel that there was a bad performance in this film, acting or otherwise, everyone delivered.

This 4-disc set is loaded with extra features, so many in fact that it would take you almost a full day to watch everything. As for the price, you will receive that what you paid triple fold in enjoyment. I feel this is a reasonable price considering all of the special features.

The editing was unique when it comes to the sex scenes, but it was very well done. Some may find the sudden cuts to different positions and/or partners (in the threesomes) to be odd, but I feel it gives the sex a great pace and keeps it from getting boring. The sex scenes are not very long; I think the longest was ten minutes, so the addition of the extended sex scenes was great.

I can not find anything that could keep this from receiving the highest possible rating; therefore I am giving this a five star rating.
Follow-up commentary
I don't just "Still like it", I still love it!

This film will always have a spot in my heart, the great acting, the very comedic moments, this is my all time favorite. It would be unfair of me to judge other Adult Film based on this, because there simply has not been a movie that came before or after this that compares. Of course I have not seen every Adult Film made, but from what I have seen (in an ever growing collection, spanning 50-70 titles, I lost count...), nothing compares.

I still get a crack out of Evan Stones lines, even though I have watched this movie several times, I find it always entertaining and funny. As for the sex scenes, well they are still super hot and very entertaining,

I would, and will recommend this to anyone!
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    thanks for the great review! Cant wait to watch it!
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    Going by the high price and the review, this sounds like a must have! Wouldn't mind adding this to my collection.

    Great review
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    Outstanding review
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    Looks really cool!
  • Sugarfina
    I wonder why this doesn't come up for any search for reviews or anything, not even on the site. And it's still for sale? I thought EF stopped selling dvds. They need to fix this.

    Anyways, GREAT REVIEW!
  • Sugarfina
    Do you have a review of the first one? Where can I find one?
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