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La foul mouth Chanel

Seeing Chanel's sexy outfit on the front, and hearing some about pony play from the other review, I was hopeful for this DVD. But the lingerie for the rest of the film was minimal, and when it was there, it disappeared quickly. And the pony play lasted for about a minute in the 1st scene, and about 3 minutes in the 2nd. Besides that, the rest of the DVD was quite plain and boring.
3 women with natural breasts, some interesting camera angles, 2 glass toys
Too much moaning from Chanel, sex so so, minimal foreplay
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La Femme Chanel
Directed by Bill Fisher
Studio Club Jenna

Chanel St. James, Diana Doll, Lela Star, Celeste Star, Katalina Samora, Rebeca Lindres, Veronica Jett, Jordan Ashley, Tony De Sergio, Reno and J-Mac.

DVD Menu
The menu comes up after about a minute, with no annoying sex adds or anything. On the DVD menu are 3 options; Play Movie, Chapters, and Special Features. Chapters appears to be broken down by scene 1 through 6, then each scene has multiple positions available during the scene, like intro, blowjob, missionary, cowgirl, side saddle, and popshot. Special Features includes Behind the Scenes, Cutting Room Floor, a solo masturbation scene with Chanel, a Diana Doll solo masturbation, Photo Gallery, Previews and Websites.

Main Feature
The movie starts with about 2 minutes of various clips of the movie, showing what you are getting yourself into. A lot of aggressive sex, some threesomes, pony play, cumshots, and one very interesting oral position.

Scene 1
Scene 1 starts with two girls playing on a farm. Celeste has a bit in her mouth, and is pulling a carriage with Katalina sitting on it. They then go in a stall, and Katalina starts giving Celeste cunnilingus and fingers her pussy. After a few minutes, they start kissing with the bit having disappeared. Now Katalina is getting fingered while she also fingers Celeste. A glass dildo gets shoved up Katalina's pussy, and Celeste users her mouth to thrust it. The dildo goes up Celeste's pussy, then they finish the scene after 16 minutes with some kissing.

They used a glass dildo, both got satisfaction, and a little pony play. But the scene was short, no lingerie, and the scene felt unfinished. 3 stars.

Scene 2
Reno is shown riding a horse, then puts away his saddle, and checks out two other "horses" in their stall. Out walk Veronica and Rebeca to the fence in their stall, and he puts their head gear on. Together they pull him on a small carriage around a field in heels and panties, and their real breasts bouncing is quite nice. After a good day of work, he rewards them sexually. Kissing all around, and Rebeca is first for fellatio, but soon they are both playing with his cock and balls. They double up on his cock, and one has the cock and the other the balls. After quite a bit of cock play, Reno is fucking Veronica standing up while she is rubbing Rebeca's clit. Now Rebeca is being taken in doggy. Reno then is sitting on a carriage, and Veronica is riding his cock. But this isn't enough for her, and she takes the handle end of a crop, licks it, and shoves it up her ass. She then takes it out, licks it again, and shoves it into Rebeca's mouth, then back to her ass. This continues a few more times. Now back to Rebeca with her on her back on the carriage, and the scene finishes with the cumshot to both faces. It lasted 20 minutes, then the girls play with the cum on each others face.

I liked the pony play, that is something I haven't seen before, and the women's natural bouncy breasts are quite nice. But once again, the sex wasn't anything special, there was some ATM, and it wasn't a great threesome. 3.5 stars.

Scene 3
This scene is the first time we see Chanel, even though the movie title seems to be all about her. The scene starts with Chanel in her sexy vinyl outfit dancing around. High heels, chains, vinyl leg guards, its quite nice. She quickly finds Jordan Ashley, and they kiss for a moment, before we find his cock in her mouth. We get a few shots of male point of view of the cock sucking, which is a nice change. The scene is very dark. First penis insertion is in her pussy in a sideways doggy, and she is quite loud, and annoying. "Fuck it like you own it motherfucker!" A view of the sex from below her pussy on floor level was also a nice change. After quite a while they finally switch positions, and they are now on a forklift seat with her on top in cowgirl. Then they switch to a crate on the front of the forklift, with her on her back. Finally the cumshot to her chest after 21 minutes.

I liked her outfit, and some camera angles, but that was about it. She was loud and annoying with her moans, there were minimal positions, and no foreplay for her. 2.5 stars.
Scene 4
The scene starts with a photo shoot, and the camera man is directing the action with Chanel and Diana. After about a minute of directions from him, they start into the scene with kissing and licking and grabbing. Chanel first starts rubbing and fingering Diana's pussy. Then Diana licks Chanel's fingers, before Diana has a massive glass dildo used on her while on her back. Then Diana flips over into doggy, and the shoving really starts up with the glass dildo. Now Chanel is on her back with the glass dildo up her pussy. After a horrible orgasm, Diana is rubbing herself on her back while Chanel is squatting above her and being fingering and licked. The scene ends after 21 minutes, during which the entire scene with the girls was a dream in the photographers mind.

Diana had nice natural breasts, and they used one toy. But the rest was somewhat boring, Chanel still moaned some, and it wasn't anything great. 3 stars.

Scene 5
We start with Chanel in an alley, and she starts walking down it, before all of a sudden being inside and kissing Tony De Sergio. He lifts her skirt, and starts licking her pussy slowly. Then he suddenly has lost his pants, and starts with vaginal sex with her on her back. She the jumps on top in cowgirl and she is really jumping. They move from the warehouse to a comfortable leather couch and she is on her back. After what seemed like the end of the scene, she goes into doggy style and they continue, then back to her on her back for a moment, before the cum shot to her chest. 22 minutes.

I liked how there was foreplay for her, but it didn't last long enough before they were right into sex, and she didn't moan that much in this scene. But still no toys, no anal, nothing really different. No even special camera angles. 3 stars.

Scene 6
Lela walks out in black boots and a hot pink lingerie top. She is quickly and suddenly naked and showing off her pussy and tits for us the viewers. Sweaty in a stagecoach, we find her sucking J-Mac's dick. With no foreplay at all for her, he now has his dick in her pussy with Lela on her back, then her on top in cowgirl, then in doggy with some kissing. Finally the pain of another dull scene ends with the facial cumshot after 19 minutes.

She had on lingerie at the beginning, and it was a nice scene setting on a farm/stagecoach. But all the action happened in a tight stagecoach, no foreplay for her, no toys, no anal, a boring scene. 2 stars.
Follow-up commentary
Immediately after writing this review, this DVD went to the bottom shelf of the bookcase, where it hasn't moved from in over 2 months. This is where the DVD's go that I really don't have a desire to watch again. Chanel was a new porn star for me to watch, but she wasn't anything special, and neither was the rest of the DVD. For now I am keeping the DVD, but I wouldn't be surprised if it found a new one in the trash can soon enough.
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  • Rossie
    Nice review and thanks for all the details. It's always good to see natural breasts in a porn.
  • leatherlover
    @Rossie- natural breasts are such a rarity, that I was quick to notice it. It was nice to see them.
  • Mamastoys
    Thanks for the review...too bad it didn't meet your expectations!!
  • Ctsexycoupel
    Thanks for review
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