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Neu Wave sunk my ship!

This title features some very beautiful girls and some hot action, however the “Old man hands” scenes (or the “Trick” scenes) made me feel uncomfortable and slightly disgusted. This comes with an extra disc packed with some very good extra features, including an extra long behind the scenes look that was awesome.
Beautiful girls, good variety of action, and awesome extra features.
Some acting may be over the top, and some bad music video like scenes.
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Front Cover

There is no nudity on this cover, just a very artistic picture of Riley, who is looking upwards and to the right. The words “Neu Wave Hookers” are also on the cover, the lettering and colors make it appear to be a neon sign. The color scheme is just amazing, the purples and the blues make this stand out. This quite possibly may be the best cover I have seen.

Back cover

The back cover is what you typically see on most porn titles. Several shots of the action and several face shots of the girls. That being said, something about the color scheme and the effects, make this look more artistic than any back cover I have seen.


The home menu shares the same design as the front cover, but with rotating lights in the background. From the home menu you have three options, “Play Movie”, “Scenes”, and “Extras”

Scene 1 – Riley’s Trick

This scene starts out with Riley sitting on a bed in the stereotypical “prostitute” outfit. In the background the director and Riley discuss her past as an escort before she was in porn. This audio works almost as if it were the commentary track. After the introduction, Riley is being fondled by an older man who paid for her services. The guy touches her all over, and she keeps resisting, and the scene ends with her saying “I am not feeling well” and she gets up and leaves.

Scene 2 – Sad Eyes

This scene is not really a scene at all; it shows Joanna in unique makeup and eventually kissing a guy as it transitions into the next scene. This scene only lasts about thirty seconds.

Scene 3 – Joanna’s Sex

This scene starts with Joanna making out with a guy and eventually she loses her shirt and they continue to kiss while a soft song plays in the background. This scene starts out mostly with touching and kissing, afterward, Joanna gives the male performer a blow job as he fingers her; afterwards they go straight to vaginal sex. After multiple positions we get treated to some anal sex. After a few positions involving anal sex they cut away to the cumover to end the scene.

This scene has a neat soft glow effect to it.

Scene 4 - Joanna’s Trick

The next scene starts out like the first, this time involving Joanna. She is in a hotel room with the same older guy from scene one. She talks about how she liked to give her “customers” drugs before they had sex. This scene involves Joanna seeming quite reluctant and even slightly crying, she does not seem to want to be there. She appears to be. He tries to touch and feel her breast but she pushes his hands away, this goes on for awhile and she gets up and says she’s got to go to the bathroom, and she leaves as the scene ends.

I found this to be a strange scene and a little uncomfortable to watch.

Scene 5 - Riley’s Sex

The next scene starts out with Riley and a guy making out on a swing set. They perform oral sex on each other, afterwards they move on to vaginal sex and use the swing in multiple positions. After multiple unique positions the scene ends with a cumshot.

I really liked the creativity in this scene.

Scene 6 - Tiger’s Trick

This scene is much like scene one and scene four, although Tiger seems to lack the nervousness as the previous two.

Scene 7 - Dig It

This scene is mostly just a music video to the song “Dig it”, two male models lip-sync to the lyrics, while a girl in the background dances. I disliked this scene with a passion. I did not care for their lip-syncing or the song. Thank goodness it doesn’t last too long.

Scene 8 - Sierra’s Sex

The three performers in scene seven return in this scene. They start out kissing Sierra then move on to fingering and performing oral sex. While one of the guys receives a blow job, the other bangs Sierra’s pussy from behind. The guys swap positions a few times and then they move on and double penetrate Sierra. They finish off the scene with a double cumover.

Scene 9 - Fun is a Floppy Bitch

This scene features all the girls dancing in a wide range of nakedness while a spotlight shines on and around them. This appears to take place in an office building after dark.

Scene 10 - Hella Nervous

This scene starts out with Dana licking an ice pop and pretty much that is it. No action here. This is supposed to be a re-enactment of how Traci Lords was discovered.

Scene 11 - Dana’s BJ

This scene abruptly cuts to Dana giving a blow job. This is a short length scene that ends with no cum shot.

Scene 12 - Nyomi/Riley’s Sex

This scene starts out with Nyomi and Riley leading a guy into a dark room. In the room they begin to undress. First the girls perform double oral on the guy, Afterwards the girls take turns receiving oral (from the guy) while the other has vaginal sex with the guy. He has vaginal sex with both girls in multiple positions, at one point Nyomi fingers his ass while he is banging Riley.

I really liked this scene.

Scene 13 - Orgazmatron

This is another lipsinc music video like scene; it lasts the full song and then transitions into the next scene. This one was less unbearable than the first, but I still did not care much for the music.

Scene 14 - Hooker Orgy

This scene features a five girl orgy. This scene starts out with some kissing, then undressing. There is a lot of oral, lot of fingering, and toy sex (including strap-on sex). This was a nice scene with some good camera work.

Camera work: The camera work was great, and the editing was mostly seamless. The soft glow filter they used in some of the scenes was perfectly executed.

Sound work: The sound work was really either hit or miss. The soundtrack will be great for those who love the style of music featured in the movie. The “Trick” scenes confused me when I first watched this movie; I kept thinking “Shit! Did I accidentally click the commentary button?” The answer was no, I didn’t.

Bonus Features:

Audio Commentary
Select a Girl (it’s actually select a sex act, why they named it select a girl, I’ll never know)
Girl Galleries
Sex Gallery
Outtakes (Three of the funniest outtakes I have seen!)
Behind the Scenes (26 minutes of awesome)
Making of “Neu Wave Hookers”

Personal Comments

While I personally did not care for any of the “Trick” scenes or the music video like scenes, I still enjoyed this DVD. I really loved the Behind the Scenes and the outtakes.

The “Trick” scenes killed the mood for me, and I end up clicking the next button, and end up missing some of the already confusing storyline. There is a plot here; it is confusing and not a very good one. Supposedly this is about the girls finding the VHS tape “New Wave Hookers” and then try to replicate it or something, did I mention it was confusing?

I struggled giving this a grade, but I suppose I am going to have to give it three stars. The uncomfortable moments in the DVD ultimately made me make the decision between three or four stars.
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  • Selective Sensualist
    The scenes where the girls are crying or uncomfortable sound very disturbing to me . . .
    Great review on this!
  • namelesschaos
    oppos I meant to select extremely useful but for some reason my finger slipped and selected somewhat with out realizing it sorry about that. Again meant extremely useful.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thanks Selective Sensualist

    Thanks Namelesschaos and don't worry about it, thanks for taking the time to read and comment
  • Jill Ingoff
    Yeah I wanted to get this but your review made me think twice... what's with those disturbing scenes? creepy.
  • M121212
    I totally want to see this!
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