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Nice costumes, Fun story, boring sex

2040 is a very cool futuristic type of movie with great actors who are very sexy and can act pretty well. The scenes do get redundant in that they always include similar types of sexual interaction. The Costumes are great and the behind the scenes footage is quite interesting. There is so much to watch that I haven't seen it all yet. The story of the movie is good but the sex can get boring if you tend to like something different to hetero sex.
A lot of features, audio is adjustable, fun costumes, great story.
Redundant sex scenes
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Content / Genre / Audience

This movie is more likely to be enjoyed by heterosexual men more than anyone else.

It is set in the future, in a time where sexually transmitted diseases has caused a cessation of sexual interaction amongst humans and they therefore have to use robot/droid to have sex with in porn movies.

The gist of the story is that a new droid which is far more realistic and more performing goes out in the porn industry and creates a war between a very popular droid fabrication organization and a small organization. The new droid is very popular and she learns about emotions and existential things about humans.

The movie is quite long but there is not much variety in terms of the type of things they do. There are hetero sex scenes, there are threesome scenes with MMF or FFM. And near the end there is a gang bang scene.

Every sex scene is pretty much the same in terms of the actions that are done. They pretty much all begin with fellatio maybe a bit of cunnilingus then its followed by vaginal sex and sometimes a bit of anal sex. They added a semi-BDSM scene where Alektra gets flogged but it is quite soft and very short.

In the gang bang a girl squirts but we barely see it and it doesn't last very long either.
    • Anal sex
    • Gangbang
    • Threesome scenes


We begin by meeting the main actor of the film who is Randy Spears and his role is a porn star. We get introduced to the whole droid idea. We then move along to meeting the new droid. Once the new droid is on the market we get to see the new organization and how it works.We meet the owner of the company who is Brad Armstrong and his right hand man is Jessica Drake. The scientist who works on and creates the droids is Mikayla Mendez. Alektra Blue is the new generation droid that's creating the conflict between Brad Armstrong and her creator in the movie who is Marcus London. Kirsten Price is his assistant. Kaylani Lei plays a sort of an evil detective/agent on Brad Armstrong's side.

I really enjoyed the acting for some reason. I thought that most of the actors were quite good in their roles and very believable. I got sucked into the story of the film rather than the sex.The main actors that we see are good but some of the secondary actors that are not engaging in any sex weren't as good. Such as the guy who produces porn movies that we see at the beginning of the movie.

The costumes are awesome! They were ultra sexy and there are so many good things I could say about them. The women looked really gorgeous. I loved Kristen Price's hair, she was so cute and sexy all at once. The make up is really awesome too.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

This DVD has so many features I haven't had the chance to look at them all!

On the DVD you have the option to hear the voice and music, the voices only, or music only. So it appeals to a wide variety as not everyone likes to hear the music or the voices so they offer all the options and lets the consumer adjust the audio according to their preference. In the film you can even choose an alternate ending.

There is a special features disc made of three components
the first, is the making of the movie which is pretty much a behind the scenes look with a few comments from the actors about the future of the porn industry and an interview with Brad Armstrong. It's quite cool to the girls in the video laughing and having a good time behind the scenes. Also a really cool inclusion of how they made the wicked girl dolls made by Matt McMullen from Real Doll.

The second part starts up with a meeting of the actors reading the script of the movie. The pre-production looks at the costumes and "pornofiles" the clothing. They encourage us to let the camel toes roam free! They also look at where they get their props.They also show how they created some sets. Finally they also show how they did some of the special effects.

The final part includes a look at the girls from the movie and some funny bloopers/outtakes

There is also a DVD with deleted scenes and extended scenes which I have not yet completely watched. The DVD also includes a photo gallery and some trailers and teasers.

Personal comments

I really enjoyed the DVD for the costumes and the story but it took me a while to get aroused by the scenes. I tend to like movies where the pleasure had by the actress is quite obvious and not faked. If the girl is faking it sort of puts me off.

Of all the DVD I actually like the one of the outtakes the most. It includes three of the actresses plus a doll.

I really liked the behind the scenes footage. I love watching how movies are made. I am sure that someone interested in making a porn movies would also be interested in seeing what happens when you're behind the camera so this kind of person would also greatly appreciate this was included.

There was one scene I was totally turned off because the guy was in such a weird position it looked sort of animalistic (he was on his tip toes and he looked like a dog). To understand what I mean I think one really has to watch it to understand. It isn't sexy.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. There is so much included, I haven't seen it all yet. Neither has my partner.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this DVD as much as I liked it before. I'm not in love with it, but there are some scenes that I like more than others.

I watched more of the special feature DVDs and I love the gang bang the most. There is one actress who squirts twice and it's pretty hot but you can't see much.

I don't watch it every time I want to watch porn, it would sort of get boring fast for me. It is useful to get me in the mood for sex, it is arousing but I don't like the repetitiveness of the scenes.
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  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Well damn. I thought the plot of this in the summary sounded pretty damn cool. I think I would get bored but we do like porns with a plot. Thanks for the honest review!
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    Thanks Lauren, I had a lot of mixed feelings about this DVD, I loved the plot and the costuems but other things not so much.
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