Playgirl: Sensual Ecstasy - dvd by Playgirl TV - review by Red

Playgirl: Sensual Ecstasy

DVD by Playgirl TV

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No Agony In This Ecstasy

This tasty little buffet of fantasy scenarios is sure to tickle any heterosexual woman's fancy. The range of scenarios will surely provide something for everyone.
A fantasy rich, sensual porn featuring heterosexual couples coupling.
The action follows a standard formula that gets a little dull.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Sensual Ecstasy is an offering from Playgirl the explores the loving side of six sexually charged scenarios, plus a bonus scene, a bonus solo, and a bonus interview. Overall watching time clocks in at 2hrs:45mins or so, and while most scenes are fabulous, there are a few that are, well, dull. Each scene is a fantasy fulfilling scenario featuring a man and a woman. There is a story given for each scenario – sometimes lasting only the first quarter of the scene, sometimes extending over the whole thing as a voice-over. The scenarios are actually well done and seemed natural and fluid rather than contrived and staged. There is a general formula for each scene – set up, slow clothing removal, cunnilingus, fellatio, sex in at least three positions, and the obligatory cum shot followed by story wrap-up. Now, it's certainly expected that a heterosexual porn would feature all those elements, but seeing the exact same structure over and over does result in some pornographic ennui.

There are two types of scene in this feature – those with a voice over, and those without. There are three done with a voice over – a simple erotic story told during the course of the action on screen. Two of the voice overs are from the perspective of the heroine in the scenario, but one is actually from the perspective of the female Playgirl photographer, which is fabulous because it mirrors the perspective of the viewer. The other scenes feature loving couples, brought together with five minutes of story. One of the nice things about these scenes is that the couples look believable, complete with little additions like wedding rings to show that this is not some sort of random encounter.

Delightfully, every scene clearly focused on the fact that the actors wore condoms. In some cases, this was as simple as filming the action from an angle that clearly showed the condom, and in other cases, the condom sheathed cock was actually displayed on screen during a little bit of cock worship. Since every scene ended with a cum-shot, you also get to see the actors pulling off the condom and tossing it aside. This is a nice thing to see in porn, as in today's world, safer sex is no longer a turn-off to the porn connoisseur, and the viewer often feels much more comfortable seeing that the actors take their health seriously.

The scenarios depicted in the scenes all have a powerful fantasy element – which is a signature of Playgirl videos. Being that they are aimed towards heterosexual women, the men are all very tasty and very cut, and obviously not simply there due to the size of their members. The acting, by porn standards, is actually pretty good, and each scene does a great job at telling the tale and illustrating why the particular scenario is hot. And while there is nothing truly out of the ordinary about the sex shown, it's done well and it looks great, and it won't disappoint.
Scene 1: The Boxer - Matt Bixel and Shy Love

Matt is disappointed – he trained so hard to make the cut on the boxing card, but alas! His loving wife comes to the rescue, licks his wounds (and torso!) right there in the middle of the boxing ring.

Scene 2: Motorcycle - Lee Stone and Cytherea

This scene is told from the perspective of the photographer. Lee and Cytherea go at it near and on a motorcycle, but the photographer gives depth and meaning to every move, highlighting little things like the intensity of Cytherea's gaze during fellatio, and the raw masculinity emanating from Lee. This is highly charged scene is one to remember and watch over and over again.

Scene 3: Yoga Love – Christian and Nicole Brazzle

Christian teaches Nicole the sun salutation (Nicole's form is terrible), and then Nicole asks about Tantric Yoga. Coupling ensues.

Scene 4: Liquor Delivery - Anthony Hardwood and Alexis Amore

Anthony is a smoking hot delivery boy, Alexis is the equally hot store owner. This scene is told with a voice over from Alexis' perspective, adding in other erotic elements like the idea that the store is open, and that anyone could walk in at any time. Alexis looks like she's posing most of the time.

Scene 5: Game Room - Barrett Blade and Natalia Wood

Barrett is shooting some pool in his games room. Natalia, his girlfriend, joins to get a lesson. After a half dozen failed shots, Barrett realizes it's futile to resist and takes Natalia right there, atop the pool table littered with balls from the game in progress. There's some great chemistry in this scene, and the scenario seems completely natural

Scene 6: What QT? - Manuel Ferrara and Lisa Marie

Lisa is pissed off with her boyfriend, and finds herself in a dark alley being watched through a fence by a dark and mysterious stranger. There is a voice over to this scene, from Lisa's perspective, describing the elaborate tease of playing with Manuel through the fence. He eventually joins her on her side, and their bodies quickly mesh together. This is another smoking hot, highly charged scene.

Bonus Scene: Wine Tasting with Sergio – Kris Slater and Leannella

Kris and his fiancée Leannella are sorting out some wine in Leannella's father's cellar. They come across a bottle of Zinfendel that neither have sampled before, and Kris, always being prepared, pulls out a bottle opener. The wine flows freely as they sample it and each other.

Bonus: Solo With Kris Slater

Kris talks about himself and he slowly undresses, fondling himself as he goes. His intensity is admirable – he looks into the camera and almost through it into the viewers eyes, especially as he gets more and more turned on. This breathtaking solo is funny, sexy, and drool worthy.

Bonus: Audition With Hunter

Hunter answers questions, interplayed with a video of his playgirl photo shoot set in an old barn. Hunter doesn't seem to be the brightest boy, but he sure is pretty.
Follow-up commentary
You know, to be fair, I am not a porn aficionado. Unlike so many other savvy internet porn browsers, I've never really be into collecting porn scenes and etc that I love so that I have a repository for jilling off. So, with that in mind, I will report that I have not watched this porn again since reviewing, nor do I ever intend to. I do, however, on occasion start giggling for no reason when I think of the poor poor acting in the yoga scene.
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