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Playgirl: Sensual Ecstasy

DVD by Playgirl TV

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Not Quite Ecstasy...But Almost

This is another decent DVD by Playgirl. The scenes are either narrated by a woman or show things from the female perspective. Although the DVD is targeted mainly toward a female audience, it is perfectly suitable for couples viewing. I would rate this diddle-worthy.
Attractive, sexy actors, Couples had good chemistry, Enjoyable to watch alone or with your partner.
The settings were not attractive.
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Content / Genre / Audience

I have watched plenty of porn over the years due to my husband's extensive porn collection. We have enjoyed watching porn together and feel it is a healthy addition to our bedroom activities. However, all of our porn collection was my husband's choosing and consists mainly of your typical male targeted porn. Last month, I had the chance to complete my first review and chose a Playgirl DVD. This was the first Playgirl porn I had ever watched and I enjoyed it as a nice change of pace. When Sensual Ecstasy was available for review, I jumped at the opportunity to review it.

The Playgirl DVDs seem to follow a formula of individual sex scenes compiled into one DVD. Sensual Ecstasy includes six separate unrelated scenes each featuring a man and a woman in a different setting. The couples in each scene engage in oral sex before progressing to vaginal intercourse. There are no threesomes or multiple partners, no anal, and no bondage. It is just straight mainstream sex between a man and a woman. This DVD is clearly targeted toward female viewers and/or couples.


Scene 1 - The Boxer: Matt Bixel plays a boxer who didn't make the cut, so his girlfriend, Shy Love, shows him she's his biggest fan. This scene is set in a boxing ring. The gym is not the most attractive setting for a porn scene, but Shy Love makes up for it. She has a rock hard body and she knows how to use it. The scene begins with Matt standing in the middle of the boxing ring when Shy Love walks in. He tells her he didn't make the cut and goes on to complain about how he wasn't good enough. No wonder he didn't make the cut with his incessant whining. She should have kicked his whiny little ass, but instead she comforts him. They proceed to get it on right there in the boxing ring. There is some kissing and some petting before he services her with his tongue. She returns the favor and then rides him cowgirl style on a stool. The scene finishes with Matt giving it to Shy doggie-style down on the mat and then he cums on her beautiful ass. This was one of the better scenes in the DVD.

Scene 2 - Motorcycle: Lee Stone and Cytherea are super hot together! The scene begins with a sexy but unnamed female photographer narrating about how she gets a voyeuristic thrill from photographing Lee and Cytherea together. She states that she particularly enjoys being in control, directing the action, and telling them what to do. The photographer is taking pictures of Lee and Cytherea posing in front of a motorcycle. The scene progresses as the two undress and Cytherea is down to nothing but an unusual sexy chain belt and black boots. They perform oral on each other and then Lee lifts Cytherea onto the bike and begins fucking her. The scene finishes with Lee cumming in Cytherea's mouth. These two have great chemistry together and are a joy to watch. This is probably my favorite scene in this DVD.

Scene 3 - Yoga Love: Christian is a Yoga instructor and Nicole Brazzle is his student. The scene is set in a living room and begins with Christian demonstrating Yoga poses for Nicole. She asks him if he knows how to do Tantric Yoga and tells him that she hears it increases your sexual appetite. They proceed to engage in Tantric Yoga. I didn't know that Tantric meant BORING! This has to be the most BORING scene in all of porn history.

It was actually painful to watch. Nicole's accent grated on my nerves, the music was annoying, and it took them forever to get to the action. When they finally did get busy, the action was super slow and BORING. I'm not sure, but my husband could swear that Christian fell asleep for a minute while going down on Nicole. In fact, as a couple, they seemed disinterested and did not have any chemistry together.

The main reason I chose this DVD as opposed to the other Playgirl movies that were available is because I developed a girl crush on Nicole Brazzle from the other DVD I have and saw that she was in this DVD. I didn't recognize her; she didn't even look like the same girl at all. Unfortunately, my crush fizzled quickly during this scene.

Scene 4 - Liquor Delivery: This scene was quite cheesy but enjoyable nonetheless. Anthony Hardwood is a delivery guy delivering wine to sexy store owner Alexis Amore. It begins with Alexis narrating about looking forward to seeing her favorite delivery guy. She pins him up against the liquor cabinet, throws her leg over his shoulder, and he proceeds to lick her like every good liquor delivery guy should. They get hot and heavy right there in the convenience store between the liquor cabinet and one of the food aisles. It's not the greatest setting, but the sex is juicy. He does her from behind, pulls off his condom and throws it on top of the food shelf, and cums in her face.

They're going to need a cleanup in aisle three!

Scene 5 - Game Room: Barrett Blade shows Natalia Wood how to play with his balls... billiard balls that is. Natalia comes in the room dressed in a sexy little outfit and Barrett begins to playfully teach her how to shoot pool. It's not long before she is stripped down to nothing but an unusual sexy chain belt and black boots. Wait a minute... stop! Oh, my God, is she wearing the exact same belt and boots that the girl was wearing just two scenes earlier? We literally had to go back and look to confirm, and yes, she is. It was distracting to have Natalia wearing nothing but the same belt and boots as Cytherea in the motorcycle scene. I think that was a first for us... never seen that before.

In keeping with the rest of the scenes, he licks her, she licks him, and they do it on the pool table. Overall a pretty hot scene, but we were a little distracted by the borrowed wardrobe. I hope they shot this scene last, because Barrett came all over the belt.

Scene 6 - What If?: I was excited to see this scene because I think Manuel Ferrara is pretty hot. However, I only got to see him for about five minutes. That's right, the entire scene only lasts six minutes. That has to be a record in porn.

Lisa Marie narrates the story of what could have happened if she had stopped one night on her way home when she saw Manuel looking at her. In her fantasy, Lisa has an encounter with Manuel up against a chain link fence in a back alley... yep, another beautiful setting. This scene moved along much faster than the others and Lisa had Manuel's cock in her mouth within the first two minutes. She briefly goes down on him through the fence. He then comes around to the other side and takes her from behind, fucking her hard and fast. I must admit, it was a very hot six minutes. Wham Bam, Thank You, Ma'am, or in this case, Wham Bam, Thank You, Manuel.

DVD Features

There are three bonus scenes in the Special Features menu.

The first scene, titled Wine Tasting with Sergio, features someone named Sergio in a wine shop with Leannella. He hands her a corkscrew and asks her to open a bottle of wine (what a guy!) She takes a swig right from the bottle (what a lady!). They proceed to get busy in the wine shop. This is a full-length scene, lasting about 20 minutes.

The next scene is simply titled Audition with Hunter and features a guy named Hunter who, for thirteen minutes, awkwardly poses in what appears to be some sort of barn or trellis. He spends quite a bit of time yanking on himself as if he is trying to make himself hard for the camera. A couple of times, he appears to be grooming his cock or picking fleas or something. I'm not it for yourself. In between posing, they cut to shots of him in a locker room giving lame answers to questions that magically appear on the screen. This was NOT worth watching.

The next bonus feature is titled Bonus Solo with Kris Slater. Kris spends 18 minutes lounging around on various pieces of furniture, doing a slow striptease, massaging himself, and finally, masturbating. He spends most of the scene writhing around with his hands in his pants playing pocket pool; it's a full 12 minutes in before we get to see that he actually has a cock in there. At least he is nice to look at, and if you play it at double speed, it's somewhat bearable to watch. When he finally gets down to the yanky panky, he strokes himself off and cums all over his belly and chest.

Other Special Features are the typical photo gallery, trailers for other Playgirl movies, and Playgirl TV promos.

Personal comments

Each of the scenes features a musical score. This keeps the sex sounds from being excessive or unrealistic. Overall, the audio has a pretty decent balance between the music and the moaning to set the mood.

Condoms were used during penetration in most of the scenes in this DVD.

Overall, we enjoyed this DVD. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't horrible either. The first couple of scenes were pretty hot and got us in the mood. We enjoyed five out of the six scenes. The Yoga scene was unbearable to us.

Although this is Playgirl, men should not be afraid to watch it. This makes for pretty good couples viewing. However, ladies, please do not force your guy to sit through the not so Special those for your own private amusement.
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