Playgirl's Erotic Collection: Secret Lovers, Body Worship, Stripped - dvd by Playgirl TV - review by Dragon

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Romantic or Wicked?

Playgirl’s Erotic Collection is a four disc DVD set that includes three Playgirl DVDs and one DVD from Wicked entertainment. The Playgirl DVDs include long scenes with an individual man and a woman. The Wicked DVD includes several sex scenes from several different movies produced.
Excellent production quality. Great mix of romantic, fantasy and wild sex.
Neither the case nor the DVDs are discreet.
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extremely useful review
Playgirl and Wicked have created a collection of erotic DVD's that includes 3 Playgirl DVDs - Secret Lovers, Body Worship and Stripped and one Wicked DVD. The DVDs come in a normal size DVD case, with a paper jacket. The four DVDs are layered two per side to fit. The case has a background picture of a couple along with the individual Playgirl DVD pictures inset. Each of the four DVD's is printed with a sexual picture from the DVD itself as well as a label.

The three Playgirl DVDs are similar in format, and appear to be based on For each of these DVDs, there are seven or eight individual segments that are approximately 20-25 minutes in length. There are substantial special features. These include another sexual segment or two, an interview, photographic slide show with scenes from the DVD, playgirl TV trailers, promotional reels and connections to the web site. All of the three Playgirl DVDs show sexual scenes with one man and one woman. There is frequently minimal narration, some foreplay, evidence of romance, and pleasing the woman through oral sex. Each Playgirl DVD has a different style.

The Wicked DVD is called "What Excites you?" It shows an extended sex scene, trailer for each of five pornographic films the company produces. The special features on this DVD include biographies and additional company profile information. The Wicked DVD included several combinations of group sex, women only sex and toys.

In Body Worship, the scenes are both imaginative and artistic. This is one of the most creative porn movies that I've seen. One storyline is that of a women caught in her bedsheets surrounded by all her former lovers, only these sheets are all encompassing like a cocoon and her lover is much rougher with the implication of an alien. It includes camera shots from the angle of the man's head down to the woman while she is sucking his cock. There is also monochrome special lighting effects.

In Stripped, there is frequently some narration that sets the stage. For example, a (slightly) older gentleman talking about how he likes mental stimulation, a woman instead of a girl. In other scenario, the woman is rather explicitly describing their date. “He worked slowly, removing one strap then the other. Revealing my full breasts.” They ended up fucking by a pool lit by torches. These scenes were well done, but not unusual. One example of a scene in the DVD would be the woman who received a ticket from the cop, meeting him to play pool in the evening. Another would be the woman who confesses to the priest that she desires him.

Secret Lovers is based on the idea that everyone desires someone else. These include brief illicit meetings with people that the women encounter. There is a more detailed review of this individual DVD here. This DVD is formula based and predictable.

The Wicked DVD consists of five sex scenes from the following movies: - Manhunters, Curse, Sleeping around, Fuck, Julia Ann Hardcore. The scenes were explicit, unique and well done. However, after watching the trailers for the movie, I'm not sure how much of the movie is similar to the scene included on the DVD. These scenes included no context dialogue. In "Manhunters", the sex involved four (or five?) women in a shop with each other and multiple toys. In "Curse" - it was a man/woman combination where she appeared to be worshiped as an Egyptian queen. For "Sleeping Around" they showed an interesting scene where the man was actually the submissive wearing a pink collar. "Fuck" was a very unique formal dinner party where the women appeared to be the entree. "Julia Ann Hardcore" was the scene of one woman taking care of four men in what appeared to be a men's club setting.

The Playgirl and Wicked DVD's are completely different styles. Playgirl produces movies that portray exciting, but more traditional sex. It is the fantasy come to life. Wicked produces movies (based on this DVD) that push the limits sexually, and are more unique sexually.
This was a challenge to watch four long porn DVDs. This became my Spring Break Playgirl porn session! I discovered I need to watch more porn! I’ve always found that in general I wasn’t excited by most porn movies. The answer that I heard was that it was made for men. It has been suggested that “Playgirl” caters more to the female audience. I believe in reality it caters to a particular audience.

I found myself wishing that I had more of the Wicked movies, and I’ll have to seek them out. I enjoyed the Wicked DVD substantially more than the Playgirl DVDs. I loved the creativity, spontaneity and what appeared to be more reality based sex in Wicked. There was one scene that I had never even imagined, and a few others that I'd never thought of quite in that manner. (Candle play...) This is a DVD that I know I'm going to enjoy watching again.

The "Body Worship" DVD has impressed me with the most creative and unique porn that I've ever seen that is based on a single man/woman couple. Some of the sexual scenes actually seemed more realistic and personal because of the level of interaction they built into the scene.

There were two elements of this set that bothered me. In watching three DVDs by the same producer, I became very aware of the same actor appearing in multiple scenes.

Condoms were used by many of the male actors showing a knowledge of safe sex practices. However, several times the "cum" shot was on the woman's pussy and rubbed into her body. I feel that this sends both a wrong message, and a negative message for how woman should be treated.
Follow-up commentary
This DVD set gave me a fantastic sense of what "Playgirl" productions are like. I still have that feeling. A little too "vanilla" for me even though it's porn. The recollection is "sweet" even though that's not necessarily accurate.

The set is good and quite enjoyable, but I just feel that Playgirl is very consistent in what type of films that they produce. I have personally avoided buying Playgirl productions. I also went in search of a Wicked production- that I have not yet seen.
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  • Sammi
    This sounds like a good set - I do like Wicked more than Playgirl as well.
    Good review!
  • Dragon
    Glad to hear that you like Wicked! I'm just wicked at heart...
  • Sexalicious K
    WOW! That's alot of porn! Might be good for "mood setting."
  • Machina
    I love when actors describe scenarios in porn (like in the old days), and I rarely see that anymore! It's nice to hear this is specifically catered to women. I'm a big fan of Wicked, so I'll definitely check this out, thanks for the great review!
  • Dragon
    It was a lot of porn- especially with kids around. I realized that I was glad that I had not left a disc in the DVD player in the bedroom when a child just happily watches movies in there!

    Machina - I'm not sure it's specifically catered to women. It's designed for a particular type of sex. Men/women, some foreplay, romance, pleasure. What I see as general fantasy, romantic, erotic sex. I see it as the "sex you want sometimes." It's actually not the sex that I want to watch. I want to watch the Wicked movies, and I think that comes from my own personal experiences and desires. I want to watch movies with raw sex, passion, creativity. In the scene from "Manhunt" one of the women clapped her hands together and was handfucking another with both hands. THAT made me take notice.
  • Oggins
    Great thorough review DBD! Count me in as being a Wicked fan over Playgirl too. It really sounds like you get your money's worth though! Smile
  • Sera
    EXXXCELLENT REVIEW! Glad you liked the DVD. You seem like you really enjoyed it. You make me want to give it a try!
  • arewehavingfun?
    Great review of what sounds like a boring DVD.
  • arewehavingfun?
    Helpful review.
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