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This one goes out to all our fans!

Ray J shows the world how bad of a director he is while proclaiming how great he is. This film consists of two sex scenes sandwiching nearly thirty minutes of candid filler. While the camera angles were mostly horrid, the oral scenes were a thing of beauty, with the exception of Ray J going down on Kim. This is a case where the bonus disc may have been worth more than the official disc.
Kim is hot, great oral scenes, and awesome bonus disc with historical vivid scenes!
Annoying ads, lot of filler, not so great angles.
Rating by reviewer:
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover is very flashy and screams “Girls gone wild”, there is a picture of Kim Kardashian in a blue dress, in the background are several screenshots from the film, some more sexual than others.

The back cover is more explicit, and shows some nudity as well as Kim giving Ray J a blow job. The back cover also explains who Kim Kardashian and Ray J are.

The menus are basically the same design scheme as the front cover, and utilize the same images. The menus are nothing special but they are effective and they are easy to navigate.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts out in a bedroom in LA, here Ray J films himself having sex with Kim Kardashian, before setting off to Cabo San Lucas. The sex scene leaves a lot to be desired, the film quality of this scene is fairly grainy, and the action is not center stage. Kim moans and talks filthy as Ray J takes her from behind, the scene ends with Ray J exploding on Kim's abdomen and chest.

The two sex scenes are sandwiching almost 30 or so minutes of candid film. The next few scenes show the morning before the Plane ride to Cabo, and the Plane ride to Cabo. Nothing of real interest happens; it does however give the viewer a look into the life of the stars. Also in the middle section of the film, Ray J smokes weed, and gives us a tour of the lavish hotel in which the two are staying. The final candid scene before the final sex scene shows Kim and Ray J going clubbing in Cabo, 90% of the screen has to be blurred out.

The final scene of the film is a sex scene with Ray J and Kim. The sex scene takes place in Santa Barbara. The scene starts out with Kim putting on makeup and Ray J talking in his annoying way. Finally they get down to business and kiss, before moving to oral sex, and then finally vaginal sex. Other than the oral sex, the sex is not well documented. The penetration angles were not the best, even for something homemade. The scene changes up about halfway through and the lighting gets much better and oral and vaginal sex is the centerpieces.

Camera work:
The actual film quality varies, most of the sex scenes with Ray J and Kim are poorly shot and of poor picture quality. Even as an amateur film, the skills of the one man cameraman/director leaves a lot to be desired (although Ray J seems to think he is doing great, I do not see him being a big time movie director anytime soon!).

The bonus scenes on the bonus disc also vary in picture quality, the scenes from the early to late 80s look dated, but the quality is not too bad that you can not see what is going on. As you make your way to the late 90s and into the 2000s you will notice a big difference in picture and sound quality.

Sound work:
The sound quality of the film was touch and go, for a handheld camera, it was fairly decent, these two are not mic-ed up. The music in the film was not bad, but what ever music there was, was so little that it was almost unnoticeable.

The sounds from the bonus scenes are much better, seeing how they are professionally done, even the mid 80s scenes had better sound.

Bonus Features:
DVD-Rom compatible
No Regional Coding
Bonus disc with tons of Historic Vivid Scenes
Personal Comments:
I do not know either of these two personally, nor am I a big fan of either one. This was actually my first exposure to Ray J; basically all I knew of him was that he was the dude who banged Kim Kardashian on film. I could not help but get aggravated with Ray J. Does this dude ever stop promoting himself, we get it dude, you got lots of dough, hot chick, and a big cock. I am getting sick of this bastard gloating, does he really need to make everything about himself. He seemed to focus squarely on himself more so than the beautiful women he was having sex with. It seemed that he was turned on more so by his on dick than by the lovely Kim Kardashian. When you are filming yourself in a sextape, throw out the chewing gum, not only does it look annoying, but it sounds extremely annoying, but then again if its private…

I do not know all the circumstances of the tape and how it was released, all I can say is that something struck me as odd. Perhaps Kim did not know this was going to be released and she made it for her boyfriend at the time, but something seems fishy. Throughout the film Kim and Ray J make comments to “Who ever is watching…”, and to their fans. It is possible that these Candid scenes were just stuff Kim and Ray J shot for their websites and what not. Ray J even said in the final scene “What happens next is for my eyes only, so I don't give a fuck who is watching!” nice way to contradict yourself. At times Kim would look into the camera before the sex scenes and say “hey everyone”. Who are you talking to if this was not meant to be released? Maybe it is all a coincidence, and perhaps I am reading too much into it.

So how do you rate a sex tape? Was it meant to be personal tape for the two? Or was it for the masses? I am giving the sex tape by itself an average rating of three. I think vivid did an awesome job with all the bonus materials, and with the overall presentation. The bonus scenes was like a window into the recent history of adult films, and even featured the likes of Paul Thomas, Randy West, Ginger Lynn, Christy Cannon, Jammie Summers, and Jean Val Jean.

One thing that must be done soon is the removal of the mandatory ads before each disc. We should not have to sit through seven ads just to get to the film, especially if you are re-watching the film. Vivid can still push their product, but do it like other companies, and add it in as an optional bonus choice in the home menu.
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  • Contributor: namelesschaos
    This doesn't interest me at all but great review as usual man.
  • Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura
    Blah. This just sounds irritating. But then again, I don't like Kim Kardashian, and I have no clue who Ray J is. Like you said, I know he did Kim and that's it. Great review.
  • Contributor: cherryredhead88
    God I can't stand either of those two. Ray J is the R and B singer Brandy's brother and he did a show on vh1 called For the Love Of Ray J. He is a MAJOR dousche bag and is completely full of himself.

    Anyways, great review Viktor and I am actually kind of shocked that this is (or is supposed to be) home made, I thought they had different SO's than each other.
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    I like Kim
  • Contributor: Lady Nina
    amazing review!
  • Contributor: SiNn
    awesome review!
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