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Upload is great if you want varied sex scenes and a vaguely interesting plot to link them together. The stars are hot, and for $34 it's pretty cheap considering you're getting four discs packed full of sex and the fun stuff that goes into making 'the sex.'
Varied sex scenes including lesbian, anal, straight, BDSM, and gang bangs. Fluid transitions.
Too many blow jobs. Sometimes the plot is a little far fetched.
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useful review
When I received Upload I realized that I had the 4 disc collectors edition. Included are part 1 and 2 of the actual movie, behind the scenes portions, and bonus scenes with explanations of the jargon used in the movie. Another creation from Eli Cross, those that loved Corruption should expect an 'action flick' with hardcore porn.

As soon as Eva Angelina appeared on screen I settled in for a great couple hours of viewing pleasure. The story goes: Eva Angelina and her scrumptious partner Derrick Pierce are agents trying to police sex sims - a chip you attach into a port in your neck which leads you into a sexual fantasy. They bust Hillary Scott who plays a hacker and try and uncover how viruses are being spread through the sims. Ok, so the story line is actually pretty hard to follow but the reel to screen and other extras help make it a lot easier to understand.

The sex: well there's 12 sex scenes in the movie, plus a bonus one that's purely gratuitous and has nothing to do with the plot at all. Eva Angelina has her first ever anal which is pretty hot as she's simultaneously eating another chick out. I loved most of the scenes as they were all pretty fluid and realistic in their transitions, weren't overly and annoyingly loud, with costumes and props to match each 'scene' really well.

My favorite scenes were:

The lesbian scene in the desert - with some rough play, lots of pussy licking, use of toys and some hot positions this one was re-played over and over and over.

The dungeon/hell scene - with Eva Angelina being punished amongst the others banished to hell. This one was HOT. There were 16 extras all fucking in different situations. One girl was fucking another through a cage. A girl was getting flogged while sucking another guy off. Eva Angelina was alternately sucking a cock and a pussy while getting fucked by two other guys. Another chick was getting double penetrated. It was an all out orgy with a few decent shots of dominant and submissive sex.

The scene with Derrick and his girlfriend - I was surprised to see this one, because they tried to simulate an actual couple. They kissed nicely, and they fucked in a few positions easy to imitate. He went down on her and she went down on him. The only thing I wouldn't do from this scenario was the ass to mouth portion but otherwise this one rated as hot because couples could use this as inspiration in their bedroom.

There were a lot of other great scenes, including a gang bang with Hillary Scott. There's even a fight scene - cheesy but still I'd give it points for effort. There's a black and white old fashioned threesome (which is hot) and Eva Angelina seducing her psychiatrist which got me pretty turned on.

My gripe with this movie is that it was pretty hard to follow. They made up their own language and changed the meaning of words that we use in everyday speech like 'Avatar.' There are way too many blow jobs and not enough lesbian scenes. Finally the BDSM portions aren't dirty enough, just a little slap and tickle more often than not.
My advice when watching this DVD is to start with the extras before getting into the movie. If you're into the plot like me (I'm a dork - if it has a plot I want to follow it) then this will help keep your frustration at bay.

I was waiting and waiting for the scene between Hillary Scott and Eva Angelina, and Eva Angelina and Derrick Pierce. My partner laughed at my anxiousness and said, "You haven't watched enough porn, the main porn stars always fuck at the end." Sadly I was disappointed on both counts. Somehow that made the whole movie a bit of a let down for me even though individual scenes left me flushed and wanting more.
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  • Victoria
    The Hell scene sounds like the best, was it longer than the others? Were there any scenes you thought were just too long? Thanks.
  • Naughty Student
    What kind of toys were used?
  • Airlia
    In the Pink - The gang bang became overly repetitive and therefore too long. I mean how many ways can she have a guy in her after all? I actually preferred the desert scene, but the hell scene was a close second. Also Hillary Scott was strip searched at one point - I think it could definitely have been longer.

    Naughty Student - The pure wand was used, a couple of dildos, a big red butt plug, and in the hell scene a variety of collars, cuffs, corsets and strap ons. The threesome at the beginning also used a strap on nicely. Sorry I can't be more specific!
  • Naughty Student
    I have this weird kink about red butt plugs, it turns me on so bad to see one being used on someone else.
    Nice review. It's not always easy including everything you want to write in a review, lol.
  • Gary
    Wow... there is a fight scene and they make up their own language? That alone seems to make this movie stand out from most porn! Did they make up words or just misappropriate existing words? Thanks!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    They make up their own language? I laugh at shows like BSG which do that so I doubt I could take this seriously but.. even bad porn gets the job done. LOL
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Oh, also.. This seems sort of futuristic so how are the costumes?
  • Airlia
    There are some words that have newly created meanings and there are others that just don't exist in the English language. It's pretty funny - especially the out takes when the poor porn stars struggle.

    Also It is kind of futuristic - but in a realisitic way - so suits for agents, tarty clothes for the bad guys and a WEIRD bulky terminator robot thing for the fight scene. Frack!
  • Scarlet's Letter
    This sounds hot! I think Eva Angelina is the cutest thing. Bummer about the scenes at the end though. Thanks for the review, very honest and well written. I might check this movie out just to see some of those scenes you described!
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