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Upload is an epic film that is beautifully directed and filmed. Anyone with a passion for plot lines in their porn collection must witness. With twelve action packed sex scenes bound together in a four disc (2 of which are bonus features) box set collectors edition.
Variety of sex scenes, great sci-fi plot line, film is shot in high quality.
Orgies are long, volume control between scenes needed, watch Bonus discs first to understand.
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From the director of Corruption, Eli Cross, comes Upload, a movie described as "epic" that I just could not pass up. I'm a sucker for plot lines, sci-fi, geeks, and Hillary Scott, what can I say?

Upload starts off with Cassandra, played by Eva Angelina, a security agent in the future. She is being questioned by an internal investigator, played by the director Eli Cross, about her involvement in the upload of the 'Enigma' file, a sim virus that will destroy the race. Cassandra tells him (Eli Cross) how she and her partner Michael Born (Derrick Pierce) become involved with the sexy punky hacker, Tesla (Hillary Scott), who holds a secret that could change the future.

The story unfolds through a series flashbacks while Cassandra is being interrogated. As the story progresses we learn more about Cassandra and her problems. Which can be witnessed in her sex scene flashbacks including a black and white shot threesome, the seduction of her psychiatrist, and a fantasy scene of Cassandra’s in which she fantasizes about having in orgy in hell.

This orgy in hell scene is very hot and includes Eva’s first ever double penetration. The scene also happens to be one of my favorite scenes. I made my Husband skip back just so I could view it again. There is plenty of PiV, PiA, lesbian orgies, gangbangs and blowjob action spread throughout each scene. Most of the scenes end in 'facials' and can leave you rolling your eyes. The sex scenes featuring orgies tend to go on a little to long, and leaves you wondering when it will move on. This can get sort of dull and daunting, but I've come to figure that this is just the directing style of Eli Cross, since Corruption also faces the same problems.

Being the lover of plot lines and story type porn that I am, the story line was really easy for me to follow. I won't lie and say that watching the two bonus discs first didn't help. On bonus disc one you will find a section that explains some of the language substitutions used in the movie, which will help you follow the story. An example of a language substitution is the word 'sim' (simulation in English) which basically boils down to meaning a porn that is plugged into the back of your neck and viewed in your mind. Most of the substitutions made in the movie are different words for those already in the English language, just switched or shortened to make them sound more futuristic.

Aside from the learning feature of the bonus discs it also includes bloopers, storyboards, still shots, some raw footage and a very funny “emergency cut” made by Kylie. Plus much more which make viewing both discs worth your time.

The filming of Upload was wonderful. Each scene flowed very well into the next. The lighting was high budget with vivid colors and each scene featured different toys such as the pure wand, anal plugs, a variety of outfits, collars, cuffs, corsets, and strap on dildos which suited the futuristic theme nicely. There were no magic condom appearances, meaning you're not seeing a blowjob without a condom, then as they move into a sex position it suddenly appeared. The outfits themselves fit well into the futuristic sci-fi setting, and didn't appear to tacky. I've seen much worse. Audio wise I found myself dialing the volume control up and down on the switch of a sex scene to a normal scene. Aside from doing volume control, the audio was great and synced up with the lip movements of the speakers.

The collectors box in which this version comes in really is nothing to special. There are four discs, two featuring the movie, so yes you will have to take a break from the four and a half hour movie in order to switch to disc two, and two bonus feature discs, which I've already suggested you look through first. They are fitted into a book type casing that slides into the box set covering. The book casing unfolds in half and then each side opens in half, it's tough to explain but you'll get what I mean once you see it. When the book casing is closed it features a design that is supposed to give the appearance that it's a TOP SECRET FBI type folder. On one of the sides of the 'folder' you will find "Mission Data" which tells you what is on each disc. The box set cover features photos of Hillary Scott and Eva Angelina naked as you can see in the product preview images for the DVD. Due to the box set cover instead of taking up one normal DVD case spot, this will take up two.
To end my review I'd just like to say that sex comes in many different flavors and styles. I wouldn’t say that there is something here for everyone sexually, but there is plenty of variety and you may find something you like. If you sit and watch the whole thing though, the action can drag and you may get bored by the length of some of the scenes. While this wasn't a problem for me, it can be a problem for others looking for more of a turn on and instant gratification effect. As I stated earlier, I think this is just typical of Eli Cross. Upload has elements of the Matrix trilogy, Minority Report, and Equilibrium. I have to agree with those who said it, Upload is an epic porn movie with a great story, killer special effects, and hard edge sex scenes. That means I recommend it to everyone.

Unfortunately for me some of the twelve sex scenes were cut short, but still flowed well into the next portion of the movie. The cut offs included some fisting and pissing scenes that are generally not included in American versions of movies. While this saddened me that I wasn't able to witness some of the great fisting action that makes my knees cross in an ouch motion, what can you do? Aside from order a European version if you really miss the content that much I mean. Despite the cut scenes, the sex was pretty great without going over the top. There were some times though that if I heard Eva Angelina say, "No!" one more time I was going to find a way to jump through the screen and smack her.
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    Wow - 4 discs? That's impressive.

    I wondered about the fisting scenes in this in particular - Corruption kept them in, so I'm surprised they aren't in this one.

    Good review!
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    This is a great review from you
  • Contributor: Juliettia
    For those of you voting not useful at all, what more do you want?!
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