Adult game discontinued
by Little Genie

A long night of fun

I loved the game. However the wheel became a burden and we just took turns acting out the cards. This is a great game for building up the arousal level, and I love playing it.
This game is great for foreplay. It arouses both partners.
With this toy the ball often comes out.
Rating by reviewer:
somewhat useful review

Purpose / Audience

I loved how this game was all about foreplay. The goal is all about the build up to the actual act of sex. This game is a great way for a couple to spend some quality time building each other up and teasing each other.

Rules / Content

This game is easy to play and understand. You simply spin the wheel and act out the card that matches the number you spun. The instructions were clear and concise. I don't think there is a loser with this game, everyone wins!


The wheel is a pretty rickety and falls apart easily. I wish it were a little bigger and more sturdy. The game cards were easy to read and are sturdy. There is no game board. Just the wheel, a small ball and the game cards. The ball often comes out of the wheel, which is very frustrating.

Personal comments

This game is a lot of fun. My hubby and I didn't last very long when playing it the first time though. It is very good at arousing you and your partner.
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  • Contributor: Maiden
    More description of the content would be nice. What are some of the things you have to do or act out?
  • Contributor: LiftedUp
    I was actually about to post the exact same thing as Maiden. I would like to know some details, as well as samples of some of the thing you do from the cards. Are they all actions? Is it more like truth or dare cards?
  • Contributor: momsrhott2
    Sorry about that. The cards include actions to preform for your partner. They range anywhere from how to kiss, to performing strip teases to oral stimulation.

    Thanks for the feedback, I am still learning and appreciate you taking the time to help me review products better Smile
  • Contributor: J's Alley
    My question is, did you reach an actual end to the game...or did you move on to something else? Was it as stimulating as possible, or was it more of an erotic and fun (laughy) kind of game?
  • Contributor: momsrhott2
    There is no actual end to the game. I thought this game was very stimulating and great foreplay. It led to amazing sex because of the high level of arousal. It was not a "laughy" game so to speak.
  • Contributor: spicywife
    More details on your reviews would be great, the more the better as reviews help people decide if the product is right for them! Smile

    It sounds like an interesting game!
  • Contributor: Breas
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: reysgirl83
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: domsub1993
    Thank you for the review and the follow up comments.
  • Contributor: BuckeyeGal04
    Since you've now had this several years, I would be interested in a follow-up review to see if you still use the game in one form or another from time-time.
  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
  • Contributor: Jon S
    ty for the review
  • Contributor: sarahswallows
  • Contributor: tinadice
    Nice review
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