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The Erotic Roulette game is pretty cool because it actually has a roulette wheel that is fully functional. It is great for couples who want to explore light kink play. It is possible to get stuck in a pattern of doing the same cards, so modifying the game play might be required. It is easy to play though and can be as short or as long as you want!
Cute and fun for couples, Easy to play, Can be as long or as short as you want, Got us in the mood
Balls are tiny, Not a whole lot of card variety, Can get caught in a pattern of play
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Purpose / Audience

My partner and I love board games, we are competitive, and love gambling games. The Erotic Roulette seemed to go along with those. It is a great game to get us in the mood or lead to sex, but it isn't much of a game because there is no actual goal other than to do sexual things. This isn't necessarily a bad thing of course, but it wasn't what we were expecting. I though this would have some sort of wager on sexual favors. Instead it was much more simple. We still ended up enjoying it a lot, it just isn't our favorite. It's great for couple though and will introduce you to exploration and teasing of many types.
    • Couples
    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

The rules are simple. As a couple you take turns spinning the wheel. Depending on what number the ball lands on, you get a corresponding card to that number. This is always the same, so if you for some reason keep spinning the same number, you might get bored! Some numbers are red and some are black (and then of course the famous other-which is green). If it lands on red, the woman draws the card, and the opposite for black (if you are a homosexual couple-pick your colors prior to play). You do to your partner what the card says. If it lands on green, either player can draw the card because it is the mutual activity of 69. There is no end to the game and so you decide how long it goes. You can of course add your own rules if you'd like.
    • Can make your own rules
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play


The design for this game is pretty cool. You get a two piece mini-roulette wheel! It is about the size of a large bagel and is made of a sturdy plastic. The wheel portion is separate from what it goes into so that it spins nicely. We didn't have any problems spinning it having it get stuck like the dial from the game LIFE. None of the coloring looks like it'll peel or flake off. The cards are also nice quality. There are 36 in total. The balls that go into the roulette are ridiculously small and are made of metal so they are weighted. We only had them fly out every once in a while, which is why there are two. You have a back up if you lose one. A picture for size's tiny!!!!

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What is also cool is that the roulette wheel doesn't have anything sexual on it. It can be left out as a cool looking decor piece or even used for real roulette betting. The box is small and sturdy with vibrant colors. It has cute graphics, but nothing explicit and would make a fun gift for a couple.
    • Attractive design
    • Sturdy game board
    • Travel friendly


My partner and I had a lot of fun playing this game. I liked it more than him though because it seemed I had better luck. He kept landing on black so that meant he had to keep doing things to me. At first he was excited to do this, but after like five black rolls in a row, he felt a little deprived of sexual attention too. The game might be better if you just took turns, disregarded the colors and just did what the corresponding number card said. We also some how got the couple card-the green zero a lot. Again, at first we were not complaining about 69 because we love that but after getting it a few times we were frustrated that we weren't getting to try new cards. You could alter this also and say that if you land on the green, you can choose any number card you want. We have not yet done every card, but we loved most of the ones we did get to try. Here are some examples:

"Have him lie on his back. Starting from his lips, run your tongue down his body until you reach the tip of his penis. Remember to circle his navel on the way down."

"Have him lie on his back and rub oil over his body. Then lie down on top of him and rub your body slowly over his."

"Have her get on her hands and knees. While kneeling behind her, reach around with both hands and simultaneously massage her breasts and vagina."

"Have him watch you as you masturbate yourself close to orgasm."

A lot of the cards have similar light kink themes. The main ones are light bondage, massage, and food play. It's pretty vanilla but still really got us in the mood. We just wish there was a bit more variety. That's why I am giving this game four stars.
Follow-up commentary
We have not played this game nearly as often as our others, but this is because other games we have do a better job at evening out the sexual favors. In this game, it can happen, and for some reason often does happen, where it gets heavily on one side. We prefer the games where the turns are more even. This game still is a lot of fun and I'm honestly shocked I have not lost those tiny balls yet!
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