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Advanced Sex Techniques . . . it's for science

I like this game because it is simple and keeps you from being routine in your lovemaking. I have enjoyed the two times we have played it and am looking forward to opening the remaining 43 tabs. I think this is a great game for couples. Especially if you find yourself getting in a rut.
The game is simple, encourages good foreplay, and can help you try things you might not normally do.
Not suitable for spontaneous, clothes-ripping encounters. Not much fun by yourself.
Rating by reviewer:
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I was quite excited when we received the Advanced Sex Techniques game|Advanced sex techniques - Adult Game for couples in the mail. It came discreetly packaged with the contents being labeled “electronics”. My wife and I decided to wait until that evening to open the box to heighten the anticipation. Due to a busy day and getting the kids to bed, it was pretty late by the time we were able to open the package.

We discovered that the game itself was pretty simple. It consists of a numbered plastic spinner and five cardboard foreplay/sex-play action cards. There are two Sensual Foreplay cards (his and hers), two Erotic Foreplay cards (again his and hers), and one Sex Position card. Each card has ten numbered action tabs that are opened to describe a foreplay/sex-play action to perform on your partner. The spinner is used to select which of the actions on each card will be acted out beginning with the Sensual Foreplay cards, progressing to the Erotic Foreplay cards, and finally the Sex Position card.

We decided that due to how late it was, we would just do one tab from each of the Sensual Foreplay cards that night and set aside time to play the full game the next evening. We had a wonderful time just doing the Sensual Foreplay cards and ended the evening with a mutual orgasm.

Playing the whole game the next evening was twice as fun. After spending about an hour doing the actions we had spun on the Sensual and Erotic Foreplay cards, it took less than a couple of minutes for my wife and I to have orgasms while doing the actions on the Sex Position card.

Overall, this is one of the better sex games I have played. It was easy to play and did not require anything that you would not normally have at your house or in a hotel. Additionally, it gave us some ideas for new things to try and brought a little more variety to our sex life. It also got us to take time for extended foreplay rather than skipping to the main event. The only down side I can see to the game is that it takes away some of the spontaneity from lovemaking. As you are tearing off each other clothes, it's not likely that you will think to grab the game and spin to see what to do next. However, I think it's great, especially if your situation (kids) requires you to schedule your lovemaking in advance. Overall, I give Advanced Sex Techniques four stars.
My favorite action tab that we've tried so far was titled "Copy her moves". Having my wife show me how she pleasures herself then letting me practice on her nearly sent me through the roof.
Follow-up commentary
Since the original review, my wife and I have played the game three more times. Each time has resulted in an extended buildup followed by a fantastic climax. Last night my wife was moaning in ecstasy as I spelled words on her clitoris with my tongue. All in all, a great game. I do have to make one correction to my original review. I had stated that the game didn't require anything that you don't normally have around the house. One of the scenarios called for some flavored lube, which we just happened not to have at the time. However, we just picked another scenario and will come back to that one another time.
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  • Electronics, huh? Sounds like fun!
  • Betty Rocket
    Not much fun alone, eh? :) Great review!
  • Epiphora
    That's nice that it didn't require extra stuff.
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    Thanks for the review.
  • SexyStuff
    For science! haha
  • bluekaren
    Great review! Thanks for trying it out, lol!
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    ordering this right now!
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    great revieew!
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    Sounds like fun!
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    Great review!
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  • arewehavingfun?
    In college bunches of us would play this sex/drinking game. I don't remember the name but it was loads of fun--for couples playing together it was really, really fun but even for those who were single at the time (and at one point or another we all were!!) it worked out well as long as there was someone in the group that you at least had a crush on to play with. We didn't "go all the way" in public, but it was still a turn on and more than a few non-couples turnede into a couple, if not permanently at least for the night.

    This was a board game with cards that you would pick and either drink or do a sexual something (maybe a kiss here or there or a rubbing of who knows what). I think the cover was pink if anyone knows of the game. I would love to have a copy again.
  • SexyStuff
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