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Law Abiding Citizens Need Not Apply

If you aren't interested in engaging in illegal activities, stop now and look elsewhere. But if you like the thrill of public sex, Midnight Lovers is the game for you. Though it makes assumptions about your life, the rules and cards are easily changed to fit anyone's situation. It is a truly unlimited game because you can play with an infinite amount of people and for as long or as short as you like. Midnight Lovers offers a unique experience for the adventurous couple and could be tons of fun!
- Unique game
- Durable cards
- Easy to play
- Activities are illegal
- Game makes assumptions about sexual orientation and other aspects
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Purpose / Audience

Midnight Lovers definitely makes assumptions on the type of "couples" that will be playing it. This game is intended for straight male/female couples but with a little creativity, you may be able to change the wording to better suit your situation. For example, when it says "missionary position", two lesbians may decide to change that to "tribadism". Two gay men may decide to change "woman on top sex" to "Gary on top sex"; You can change it to whomever and whatever you want to better fit the relationship of the couples involved. Unlike most adult games, Midnight Lovers is a game that you can play with your friends so if regular adult games have not seemed interesting to you before, this one might be. The good thing about Midnight Lovers is that you can potentially play with an infinite amount of couples and everything about the game would be the same. Finally, this game is meant ONLY for those who are not afraid to get into a little bit (or a lot) of trouble. There will be more on this later but suffice it to say, if you're not the type to have sex in public and at public places (even after dark), do NOT buy this game. You will have no use for it whatsoever.

The purpose of Midnight Lovers is to see "how far you will go once the sun goes down". It adds a goal to your sex, either by playing with just your lover or competing against other couples. It adds a bit of danger to otherwise ordinary sex. If you play with your friends, it is sure to be a long-time event that will add a lot of fun and conversation to your gatherings.
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    • Adventurous couples
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Rules / Content

Midnight Lovers isn't a game with a lot of pieces. There are 50 Venue Cards, 1 Ranking Card, 1 Activity Card, and 1 Rule Booklet. They are all about the size of your average playing card so the whole deck (rule booklet included) could probably go into a regular deck of cards box if you ever lose your Midnight Lovers box or want to put your cards in smaller packaging. The included instructions (Rule Booklet) are very thorough and there should be no question as to how the game is played upon reading them. As an added bonus, the Ranking Card and Activity Card are also listed in the Rule Booklet so if you lose your cards or just want another set of them, the Rule Booklet can serve as a replacement. When it comes to playing the game, you really only need one Ranking Card or even none at all because the titles are silly and while you might enjoy them, they're overall unnecessary. However, every couple involved will need an Activities Card so unless you each write down the activities and their number of points, no one but one couple (or two couples, if they use the Rule Booklet) will have the activities on hand and be able to see how many points they get for each activity.

To start playing, you separate the Activities Card and Ranking Card from the deck and thoroughly shuffle the remaining 50 Venue Cards. As far as preparation goes, that is all you have to do. To play, you choose a Venue Card from the deck. Now you look at the list of activities on the Activities Card. Couples will decide what activity or activities they are willing to do at the selected venue and then, whenever possible, they go and "do it". There are 14 different activities listed, each with their own point value, from which to choose. You can do one activity, you can do a few activities, or you can do them all; The latter will require you to play for more than one night but if you complete all 14 activities, you will be awarded with 50 bonus points. For activities worth 7 points or more, you can only receive points if at least one person in the couple reaches orgasm with the activity. For single couples, that's all there is to it. You can play to "win" at 600 points or you can simply decide once was enough. Whatever length of game you're comfortable with is fine.

For multiple couples, there is added competition to the game. When playing with a group, each couple has to "play" using the same Venue Card; This does not mean, however, that they must all "play" at the exact same Venue. For example, the Venue Card picked may be "In a cemetery" or "On a river bank" so you will have to "play" in these locations but not everyone has to "play" in the SAME cemetery or on the SAME river bank. Any one will suffice so long as it fits the Venue Card's criteria. Couples have a week (or whatever time limit you decide) to complete at least one activity from the Activities Card at this Venue, though more can be completed within the limit. After one week (or however long), the couple teams meet back together and add whatever points they've earned from activities to their current tally. You can decide to go by the "honor system" or you may ask for proof, via a photo, video, or even an "eyewitness". Either way, the Rule Booklet suggests that each couple record the date and time of the completed activity or activities. After this has all been done, simply choose another Venue card and continue with the game until a winner is pronounced. The winner (or winners) is decided by whomever reaches 600 points first (or whatever number of points that you decide).

The Rule Booklet makes a few suggestions on how the game could be played. Firstly, it states that competing couples should meet at least monthly to show off pictures and videos of their venues, as well as share "sexy" stories about their adventures. It states that every couple should keep track of their own points but that it might be fun to have a group tally board. To add even more competition, you and your friends can pool money and prizes together to award the winners of the Midnight Lovers game, though I also think you could provide prizes for the runners-up. Finally, the Rule Booklet cautions you to play at your own risk. Careful planning and strategizing will be needed to make sure that you are not caught "playing" by the law, a neighbor, or anyone who might be offended. As the name of the game suggests, Midnight Lovers is best played at night. An added rule I thought of could be to penalize any couple who does not complete an activity at the venue. This could whatever you want it to be, from making them sing a silly song to buying a round of drinks for everyone else.
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Takes a long time
    • Can make your own rules


According the product page, Midnight Lovers weighs .2 lbs. It was manufactured in China. The game's design is very gender-neutral. There are no colors or patterns that say "This game was designed for a female" or "This game was designed for a male". Anyone can look at the design of the packaging and the cards and be pleased with them. The only thing slightly "exclusionary" is the front of the box that the cards came in. It features a nude couple (with no "naughty bits" showing) that consists of a male and female. Obviously, they couldn't have squeezed every type of couple on the front of the box but some may feel excluded by the packaging and the picture does allude to the fact that this game was designed for straight couples only, even if (like I said before) you can tweak it a little to suit other couples, as well.


The cards are, as stated, about the size of a regular playing card. They measure at 3 1/2" by 2 1/2". When you first receive your game, the Venue Cards will be wrapped in plastic similar to a cigarette box's packaging, complete with a piece of plastic to pull so you can open them. The surface of the cards is shiny and they are thin but they seem fairly durable. Though they are still bendable, it appears that the cards will last a good while. They feel stronger than cheaper decks of cards but not as strong as more expensive versions. To keep their integrity, you should keep them away from water and not handle them too roughly. The front portion of all of the cards are white with a simple, black, rounded border. The font is black and easy to read. As there is is more information on the Activities Card and Ranking Card, the letters on them are smaller but still fairly legible, in my opinion. The words on the Venue Cards are very big and no one with decent eyesight should have trouble reading them, even at a distance. The back portion of the cards says "Midnight Lovers" and "How far will you go once the sun goes down?" on them and they all feature a diamond pattern. The backs of the Venue Cards are dark blue with white font. The backs of the Activities Card and Ranking Card are black with the title written in light blue font and the rest in white font.


The instruction manual, or Rule Booklet, measures at 3 1/2" by 2 1/2". It is made of a paper that shouldn't really crease or rip unless you're rough with it or purposely mess it up. The paper is white and most of the font is black. Some of the font is red but most of the time, the text will only be red on the front and back of the manual, in the title of a section, or whenever "Midnight Lovers", the cards, "activity", or "venue" are mentioned. Most of the text is mid-sized and it is legible throughout.

Rule Booklet
Rule Booklet

The Midnight Lovers packaging measures at 6 1/8" by 4 5/8". As stated before, the game is packaged in a box featuring a nude straight couple. The man is holding the woman, his arm covering her breasts, and he appears to be kissing her cheek or ear. The woman wears nothing but a set of earrings and she is touching the man's face gently while both of them have their eyes closed, enjoying each other's company. Even if it weren't for the title of the game being called "Midnight Lovers", the packaging is thus obviously not suitable for the public eye if you don't want anyone to know the nature of the game. That's why it's nice that the cards are small enough to fit in a regular deck of cards box, as I mentioned before. The Midnight Lovers box is a dark blue color that fades to black on the bottom and the top. Most of the font is white but some of it is yellow. The front of the box displays the title of the game, California Exotics' logo, "For 1 or more Adult Couples", and "How far will you go once the sun goes down?". The back of the box again states the name, the logo, "For 1 or more Adult Couples", as well as the contents list, a choking hazard warning for small children and pets, and a short description of the game that doesn't really describe it enough to let potential buyers know that it's a game involving public sex. I know I certainly didn't know before I got it and I was quite surprised to find out about this. The top and sides of the box display the game's title, the sides also have the California Exotics' logo on them, and the bottom of the box has a bar code. The inside of the box is white and features a cardboard insert so that you don't have to dig into the box to reach your cards. Something I found amusing about the packaging is the fact that there is a typo on the box. The description calls the game "Midlight Lovers" despite the fact that the actual name of the game is on the box a grand total of six times.

    • Simplistic design
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

Activities Card
1 Point - Regular Kissing
2 Points - Tongue Kissing
3 Points - Over the Clothes "Feeling Up"
5 Points - Under the Clothes "Petting"
7 Points - Dry Hump to Climax
9 Points - Hand Job on Him
10 Points - Hand Job on Her
10 Points - Fellatio (Blow Job on him)
10 Points - Cunnilingus (Oral Sex on her)
15 Points - Missionary Position Sex
15 Points - Doggy Position Sex
20 Points - Vibrator Sex for Both of You
20 Points - Woman on Top Sex
30 Points - All Nude Sex

Ranking Card
< 20 Points - Slow Simmers
21-40 Points - Getter Outers
41-60 Points - Bubble Boilers
61-80 Points - Moonlight Heaters
81-100 Points - Double Troublers
101-175 Points - Ready Roasters
176-250 Points - Bare Boners
251-325 Points - Hot Trotters
326-400 Points - Sizzle Steamers
401-500 Points - Big Erupters
501-600 Points - Full Mooners
601+ Points - Hot Damners!

Venue Card Examples
* Within 20 feet of a stoplight
* Under or on any piece of furniture that's not yours
* Anywhere in view of an outdoor clock
* Anywhere on the 3rd floor of any building
* At your work
* On a swing
* At a truck top
* On a big rock
* Anywhere you can hear an echo
* In a fast food drive-thru
* Anywhere...as long as you are min. 100' above the ground
* On a street curb

One of my biggest complaints with Midnight Lovers (besides its illegality) is the cards. A lot of them make assumptions about your location and otherwise. For example, there are a lot of cards that assume you live in an area where you have access to certain Venues. If my boyfriend and I ever played this game, we'd have to discard many of the cards because we live in a rural area which lacks many modern conveniences. Examples of these cards are "In an outdoor theatre", "Anywhere in an airport", "In the goal net on a soccer field", "In a taxi cab", and "In a subway or on a bus". We simply do not have any of these around us, though we could amend the soccer one to hockey and be alright. Likewise, there are some cards that assume you don't live in the city and have access to Venues such as "In a red barn". Some cards assume that you're either rich or very adventurous because they have you "playing" in and on things that you either have to own or would have to use someone else's, such as "On horseback", "In a rowboat", and "In a convertible car". Two cards may be out of the question for some if they respect religion and the deceased ("In a church" and "In a cemetery"). Finally, some of the cards are more illegal than others because they list Venues that you couldn't access unless it was daytime or you broke in. Examples of this are "In a moving elevator", "In a movie theater", and "In a Chinese restaurant". The good thing is that there are a lot of cards (50 in total) so if you took out a few, you'd still have many left. Also, it would be easy to change the Venues slightly or make up completely new ones all on your own. Since this game is so simple, it is highly customizable and can be altered to fit many people and situations.

If you're still interested in this game, despite its illegality, you must also ask yourself if it is worth it. The instructions and game-play are so simple that you could make up your own game without buying anything and have a similar experience as if you had bought Midnight Lovers. The game is nice to have so that you have durable cards to shuffle and a nice instruction manual but it's not entirely necessary as you could simply make up your own Venues and write them on a piece of paper. This would also be useful if you're like us and you'd find the cards too limiting for your living situation and relationship. "Unnecessary" isn't always an entirely bad thing, though. I recently purchased a deck of cards for $10 designed specifically for a drinking game. Could I have used a regular deck of cards? Yes. Does this deck of cards make the game easier? Yes. If you have the cash (or better yet, the points), feel free to buy Midnight Lovers and call it a success. It's certainly a unique game and I never would have thought of it had I not received it myself.


I got Midnight Lovers as a push assignment. As such, there was little information existing information about it on EdenFantasys and I had nothing to go on other than the pictures of the packaging on the product page. Regardless, I was excited because I'd never played an adult game with my boyfriend before and I was looking forward to trying one. Unfortunately for me, I STILL have never played an adult game with my boyfriend. Midnight Lovers is quite simply not the game for us. We push the envelope sometimes when we're in the bedroom but everything we do is completely legal. We are not the type to have sex in public or in public places and we simply do not think the risk is worth the reward. This especially goes for something as small as earning points for a game. As such, this game will likely go unplayed by us and we'll either store it away or hopefully find someone to take it off our hands. Perhaps I can convince my boyfriend to join me in some of the tamer activities in secluded areas late at night but overall, we will not be able to use this game to its fullest potential.
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    @ Deidrenicole: I hope you like it! Even though it's completely useless to me, that doesn't mean it's a bad product. It's not at all. I can see how it would be tons of fun for someone who is into public sex and all that. So I really hope you enjoy it!

    @ beck: Ha ha. Yeah, it's just not my thing. I've never in my entire life been in trouble with the law. The only times I've ever talked to the police is when I was reporting someone else's crimes. So it's not really the game for me but it really is quite unique.
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