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Neat basics and a piece of trash

For a limited time, Eden is offering this set as a freebie with any purchase. As long as that is the case, I recommend this set for just about anyone. The ring leaves a lot to be desired, but it is a good place to start to see if vibrating rings are a good option for you. The bag may not be discreet, but it is sturdy and fun. The wipes are a fantastic staple that have multiple uses.
Wipes are hypoallergenic and have multiple uses
Bag is sturdy and fun
Bag isn't discreet
Ring leaves a lot to be desired
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The Ring

This is a great ring for people to pick up free with order to see if they like rings. There is a lot to be desired in this ring, but it is an excellent place to start.

This is made from TPR silicone which is a blend of silicone and rubber. It is still somewhat porous like rubber, so it isn't as safe as pure silicone. It rates a 6 on the EF safety scale. This toy is smooth and somewhat sticky. It doesn't really pull hair.

There are small nubs on the sleeve that holds the bullet, but I didn't notice them at all when this was in use.

Some men will be able to stretch this over both their shaft and testicles while others will only be able to fit this on their shaft. This has three holes along the outside that you can fit additional bullets into. It stretches a lot and can accommodate a variety of penis sizes. It is also extremely easy use because of the stretch, but the that comes with the downside as this isn't tight enough to prolong a man's orgasm like other cock rings.

The bullet on this is operated by a small switch. I have to catch it carefully with a finger nail to operate it well. When it is switched on, there is a small hole into the battery compartment that becomes open because it is only covered when the switch is in the off position, so this is not a safely waterproof toy.

The bullet cannot have the batteries changed, so once you have used it, the bullet is worthless. The good part of this is that the bullet can be replaced. The bullet doesn't have any variation. It is just one speed. Overall, the bullet is pretty weak.

TPR silicone has the same limitations as full silicone. It cannot be used with silicone lubricant, and it cannot be stored touching other silicone toys. TPR silicone cannot be boiled or tossed into the dishwasher like silicone can be. This can be cleaned with toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water.

I found that this is a really difficult toy to clean because of the holes in the sides. They trapped fluids and were hard to clean out. As a germaphobe, this bothers me because I never feel that this is clean.

This toy comes in a foil pouch reminiscent of a condom. There are pretty decent instructions about how to use this. The other side is clear, and the ring can easily be seen from outside of the package. The packaging states that this is a one time use toy, but I think that the ring can be reused.

The Wipes
These are body wipes, and are basically the same thing that you can find in any store that sells personal hygiene or baby products. They can be used on intimate areas and on toys as a cleaner. I use it predominately to wipe down toys after play, but it can be used to clean up your body as well. I just prefer not to use it that way because I want to get dry after sex and wet wipes don't help with that.

Alternatively, I have been known to wipe my glasses and touch screens with these as well. It works pretty well for that; although they can be a bit too damp for some applications of this. I have cleaned up sticky soda rings on my desk as well.

I have very sensitive skin, and it is common for me to have allergic reactions to products that are supposedly hypo-allergenic. Thankfully, these are fine for me to use. I love these. They have a very subtle odor of aloe which equates to the smell of clean to me. They are thick, and one will clean an entire toy easily. Personally, these are pretty awesome in my opinion. I just wish there was more than 10 in a package.

Packaging: This comes as a sealed package. To open, a tab is opened and you can pull out one wipe at a time. The tab can be resealed. As I mentioned, there are 10 wipes in the package. I have had lots of these now, and only one of them I have had problems with it not sealing completely. This was partially my fault as I tore the package when I opened it.

Water - H20
Chlorhexidine - is an anti-bacterial agent
Glycerin - Used as a bonder for other chemicals
Aloe Extract - Soothes irritation
Vitamin E - Anti-oxidant
Tea Tree Oil - antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent

The Bag

I was actually really impressed with the bag. I was expecting something much small and cheaper, but this is quite nice. I mean, sure it isn't super discreet with the EF logo on it and the saying "Sexy & Smart, but at least it doesn't have sex toys on it.

I was planning on using this for toy storage, but I wasn't planning on getting something this big. The measurements are:

15.5" long
15" tall
4.5" wide

This is easily big enough for groceries. It's a little thing for say a gallon of milk but still quite useful. Many won't feel this is discreet enough for taking out of the house. I actually store knitting projects in progress in mine now since it is too big for the way I store toys.
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  • gwenevieve
    awesome review as always ;P
  • *Camoprincess*
    Thanks for the review. I have several of the rings but have yet to use them even when I have them out for use. I agree the wipes work great for toy clean up before washing them with antibacterial soap or an antibacterial toy cleaner. I can't use them to clean myself up as they irritate my lady bits.
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