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The Love Rewards card game is a game where you buy and sell sexual favors. It is very tame and a bit boring with no real way to win the game. This might work for couples who are just beginning to discover each other. Otherwise I would recommend looking for some other game to spice things up.
Nice cards, good packaging.
No way to win, a bit boring.
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Purpose / Audience

Love Rewards by California Exotics is a couples card game meant for some fun foreplay. According to CalEx the object of the game is to earn "Rewards" (game money) to buy "Love" (sexual favors). This would be a good game for couple who are just getting to know each other. Or those who just want to try a little something new to spice things up.

Rules / Content

In the game Love Rewards, each player draws 3 cards from the deck and puts them face up in front of them. Each player may have any combination of Love or Rewards cards. If the first person has a rewards card they purchase a love card (sexual favor) from their partner. The love cards have different levels of favors from mild (like a back rub) to more sexual (like oral sex). The more sexually advanced a love card is, the more it costs. If the person playing has no rewards cards or not enough rewards to purchase what they want, they have to replace one of their cards with one in the deck and then their turn is over. This goes back and forth until someone wins. There are a few more rules but basically that's how the game is played. I found the instructions a bit confusing and had to read them a few times to understand how to play the game.

Now here's the strange part. The instructions say, "Be the first player to buy a pricey "Rewards-Love" card, which entitles you to the sexual climax of your choice." to win the game. But there are no such cards in the deck. And believe me, I went through the whole deck and the instruction booklet several times and could not find any such cards. Maybe I missed something or maybe my deck is missing something. But either way, we didn't have any of these cards. So we played the game a little just to see what we thought of it. And even if we did have those cards, we both still felt this game is pretty tame. We did have a little fun, and the premise of the game is not bad. But I think it could have been made more interesting.


Love Rewards is a card game consisting of 60 cards and an instruction booklet. The construction of the cards are fairly well made but not as sturdy as a regular deck of playing cards. The back of the cards are red with the words "Love Rewards" on them. The face of the cards has the different "love" or "rewards" with what it is and the value of it. It all comes in a cardboard box to keep everything together when you're not playing.


Neither my husband or I particularly cared for this game. It was too tame for us and a bit boring. Not to mention the fact that there was no way to actually win the game.
Follow-up commentary
I went through everything in this game again to see if I could figure out what went wrong. And no, I have no idea what the object of this game was. Other than sex of course. So I tossed it in the garbage. And I would definitely not recommend it to anyone.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    Nice review! It's too bad there were cards missingSad face
  • Sammi
    Sounds like an interesting game - it is too bad the cards weren't there.

    Nice review!
  • ......
    Thanks Laurel & Sammi! I guess it just wasn't in the cards. lol
  • SadoMas
    awesome thanx
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