Passion dice - adult game by Cal Exotics - review by Sammi

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Roll Naked, Get Naked!

The Passion Dice game is easy to play, and a fun way to get your playing partner(s) naked. The game can move slowly, but it's simple to add your own rules to customize the fun. All you need is a flat surface to roll the dice, and a willing partner to get naked with.
Easy to play, only requires a flat surface and willing players, easy to alter rules.
Pace can move slowly.
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Purpose / Audience

The Passion Dice game from Cal Exotics comes in a small pink cardboard box with a couple engaged in an embrace on the front.

The box bills this game as for 2 adult players. The instructions, however, are geared towards a group of 3 or more (although it is playable with just 2 people).

The goal of Passion Dice is “to get you naked.” It’s meant to be a fun way for 2 or more people to get naked and have some fun doing so. It's like playing strip poker, but with dice instead of cards.
    • Group situations
    • Group event/party

Rules / Content

Inside the box are 3 printed white dice and a 7 page easy to understand instruction booklet. Each dice contains the following words: Solo, Shotgun, Naked, Cover-Up, Pass, and Redress.

The game is played with each person starting out with an equal amount of items on. Socks are counted as 2 items, as are shoes. Jewelry doesn’t count.

Gameplay is straightforward. Decide who goes first. That person begins the game by rolling the dice. The play either alternates for 2 players, or goes clockwise for more.

For each dice roll, if the player gets:
- 3 unmatching dice : the player does nothing and the turn is over.

2 or more dice say:
- Pass : the player asks another player to choose which item of clothing they
want to remove, and that player must remove it.
- Solo : the player removes an item of their own clothing of their choice.
- Shotgun : the player can have any or all other players lose an item of clothing.
- Cover-up : the player can put on a piece of clothing if they choose.
- Redress : the player must completely redress themselves or a player of their choice.

If 2 dice say NAKED, the player does nothing and the turn is over.
If 3 dice say NAKED, the player can have any or all players get totally naked, including themselves.

If playing with more than 2 players, naked players can continue playing until everyone is naked. They may even end up with clothes on again. With 2 players, the game is more strategic.

Everyone wins, but the official winner is the last person with some clothes still on.


The design of this game is very simple. It comes with 3 dice, each printed with six words, 1 to a side.

The only other thing you need to play is a relatively flat surface to roll the dice on and one or more other people to play the game with you.

Personal comments

Included in the instruction booklet is the following: “Meant to be fun and sexy, but also be considerate. Don’t force people to play.”

Even though the box says for 2 adults, the instructions are more geared to 3 or more people. And this seems like a fun game if you have a group of people, like when you play strip poker.

The odds of getting all 3 dice to say NAKED are 1 in 216. That’s not to say it won’t happen, but it’s pretty rare.


This isn’t a game designed to be played more than one time a night. The first time we played this one after a few drinks. We were evenly dressed, with 5 items on each (shirt, underwear, shorts/pants, and 2 socks). There were a lot of rolls where we did nothing, so it took a while for us to get each other undressed. We had to redress several times during the game. I actually “won”, but not by much.

The next time we played, we changed the rules a bit, and added things to do depending on the dice rolls. For example, if one of us rolled 2 Passes, we'd have to make a pass at the other person while they were removing their article of clothing. Or, if all 3 dice were different, we'd have to do a short solo act. This was a fun way to change up the game between the two of us.

Overall, this was fairly fun. I would love to play this with a group of people, but I don’t know any who would play anything resembling strip poker. We would likely play this again as a foreplay game.
Follow-up commentary
While we amused ourselves the first few times we played this, my husband and I got bored with it. Neither of us is big into card, die, or board games as foreplay, although occasionally we use one for a change of pace. Even though we changed the rules, this game didn't keep our interest after several uses.

I passed this on to a friend who hasn't had a chance to play it yet, but wants to try it with a group of her friends.

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    Great review! I would think that this game could get a little frustrating, but I'm happy that you were able to have a good time anyways.
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    It can get a little frustrating at times, but it is fun to play Smile
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