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Adult game by Lover's Choice Inc.

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Sex casino review

I stepped off the airplane in Las Vegas with the Sex Casino safely tucked in my suitcase. It seemed like the perfect coincidence that my partner was working in Las Vegas when I got the new toy, so the casino had to make the trip with me.
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Playful sex is probably the sexual flavor I most enjoy and am the most comfortable with. I love the casual mood, how it makes it impossible to take the act seriously, and the amount of laugher involved. Because of this pseudo-fetish of mine, I have a particular infatuation with sex games|Adult Board Games for Playful Couples.

I stepped off the airplane in Las Vegas with the Sex Casino|Sex casino - Adult game by Lover's Choice Inc. safely tucked in my suitcase. It seemed like the perfect coincidence that my partner was working in Las Vegas when I got the new toy, so the casino had to make the trip with me.

The lights from The Strip shined up through the hotel window and slot machines jingled on the floors below as I spread the Sex Casino over the bed. There were so many options trapped in that small box; the possibilities were overwhelming.

I am not a gambler in any capacity. I play maybe $20 of blackjack in Las Vegas under protest, and that's the extent of it. However, the sexual gambling of the Sex Casino could easily become intensely addictive for me. The Sex Casino was a place I wanted to settle into and play for hours. It was a toy that demanded I take my time in and indulge each piece.

Due to the strict airport security procedures now, I did not risk bringing the many sexual accessories that would have accentuated the casino perfectly. The various games and gambles begged for other toys: scarves to get tied up with, flavored lubes for oral|Flavored lubricants, flogging toys for spankings|Flogging toys, whips and flogging paddles for any type of spanking play… But I didn't want to risk any of those goodies getting confiscated, so we used only the Vegas setting and each other.

Sex dice could be my favorite sex toy in my drawer to date, and to my joy, they were included in the Sex Casino. However, the sex favor betting chips excited me and definitely created deep competition for the sex dice. Laying down a chip in the pot of a card game for oral sex, or finger play, or a massage combined the tease of a sexual favor (which I so love about sex dice) with an added competitive edge. I loved the idea of risking the favors and winning others from my partner. I have always won when we play strip poker as it is.

I found something distinctly phallic about the playing cards|Tera Patrick's playing cards. As we played, it was like holding anxious, little, black penises in my hand. Fitting I guess. The cards came in a very durable and travel friendly case—easily carried in a pocket or purse. Had I not packed the entire casino, the cards would have joined me in the least.

The scratch lotto cards were mixed. Some were lame and tainted with cheesy romance, but others offered sexy instructions. They were perfect for slipping somewhere unexpected; to be found later. I hid them in my partner's luggage as he packed to travel to Las Vegas for work; to tease while he was gone and have something to redeem when I arrived. The scratched cards were ready and waiting for me.

The spinner was somewhat cheap and unimpressive in comparison to the cards, betting chips, sex dice, and even the lotto tickets. However, it was tame, less mentally stimulating. It provided almost a cool down from the intensity of the other options.

The booklet that accompanied the casino was the downfall. The grammar mistakes littered in the rules of the games were painfully distracting (at least for me). The games in the booklet were lame attempts to sexualize kid games like Go Fish or Rock, Paper, Scissors. Or they were pathetic, boring games that seemed created to just fill pages. It felt like the manufactures were reaching to fill the box when the basic contents were more than enough to entertain and tantalize.
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