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Everyone Wins at This Casino

This game is a lot of fun, but probably wouldn't have a ton of replay value. It would be cute to use for a fun night with your sweetie to mix things up a little bit, especially if one of you is a gambler.
Lots of different games to play, fun concept
Easy to lose small pieces, some of the games get old quickly, might be too tame for some
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Purpose / Audience

Sex Casino is a fun game for couples to use to mix things up a little bit. Most of the activities are pretty gender neutral (with a couple of exceptions) so it is a game that could work well for both heterosexual couples and homosexual couples. It seems like it was geared towards younger couples, but I feel that it could really be used by anyone.

I think this game would be great to take on a weekend trip or a honeymoon, as well as for a sexy night in. Some people might feel a little silly playing some of the games, but if you can let yourself let go and embrace the silliness it will be well worth it.

The game will work best for foreplay and something to do to lead up to sex. After all, once you get going, it will probably seem like to much of a hassle to keep taking turns playing a game.

The kit includes: a deck of cards, poker chips, sex dice, scratch tickets, a spinner, and an insert with instructions for games.

Rules / Content

According to the box, there are 25 different games in the kit. I only counted 20 and some of them were pretty similar to each other, but there is still a lot of variety. The different games are listed in the instructions, which each have their own description and rules layed out in the insert. Some of the games are as simple as rolling the sex dice, and others are more involved and require strategy, so no matter how involved you want to get into your game there is a game for you. There are also enough different pieces included that making up your own games is pretty easy to do too.

Some of the games include: Strip poker, paper rock scissors, and 20 questions.


There are several different pieces to the game and if you keep all of the pieces in the box, it is easy to tote around and stow away in a suitcase or bag.

The cards were pretty unique. They are an elongated oval shape and have their own plastic case to keep them in. Because of their shape they can be pretty hard to shuffle and might take a little bit of extra time to get shuffled between games.

The chips are made of plastic and are much heavier than I had expected. Each chip has a different action on it such as "massage" or "striptease" they are great for betting in some of the card games There are 12 chips in total: 6 black ones and 6 white ones.

The lotto tickets are scratch tickets that tell different things you "win" such as a quickie in the kitchen or a few other fun things. The tickets are on thick cardstock and the silver scratches off easily with a fingernail or coin. There are 6 of these total and like all scratchcards, they can only be scratched off once.

sex dice

roulette spinner


My partner and I had a lot of fun with this set. He likes gambling and going to the casino and I thought this kit would be a fun way to incorperate that into something we can do together at home. I never go to the casino with him because it's just not something that I'm interested in.

Some of the games are a little lame and we definitely had a few moments where we felt pretty silly, but overall it was a lot of fun to use the game for a little bit of foreplay. We had more fun using the pieces our own way rather than reading the instructions and following their set of rules.

I don't think this is the type of game that we would want to use all of the time, but it was a lot of fun to play with for a few minutes and I expect that we'll be able to pull it out a few more times in the future.
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