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The Lover's Lotto game is an interesting game if you need some cheap to give you something new to do with your sex life. However, it does have quite a few problems that makes it worth passing over for a more expensive alternative.
Inexpensive and fun, easy to rub off, 36 uses
Activities are awkward, Player's Choice, Meant for use in advance
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The Lover's Lotto cards are a neat little adult game manufactured by Pipedream Products. These little cards are scratch-off cards that tell you the "What", "Where" and "When" about an activity. This little set includes twelve little cards. The cards are all attached to each other through perforation at the top and bottom of each card. The backsides of the cards are all blank. The cards are about two inches tall and about four inches wide and made from basic cardboard.

The cards come in a pretty basic package. It's basically a piece of cardboard that has a little plastic box attached to it where the cards sit. The plastic box is easy to pull off. There's really no repackaging this after it's unpackaged, so you just have to toss the packaging after you've taken out the lotto cards.

The "lotto" cards are actually really easy to scratch off. They are fun to scratch off too. I can always remember when I used to get to scratch off the lottery cards that my parent's bought; it was always fun, and this little gag gift reminds me of that. You can use a coin to scratch off each one of the little spots on the card, or honestly, your fingernail will scratch them off just fine as well. It's actually extremely easy to scratch these off. It's not like those little scratch-off sections on the back of giftcards; these actually will just come off with a rubbing of the pad of your finger too.

The cards are really basic to use. There are three little hearts per line. The lines are the "What", "Where", and "When". You are supposed to pick a heart from each one of the lines and scratch off that one heart (Three total.) The card then tells you an activity, where to do it, and when. Because you can then repeat the scratching-off process again twice more, you actually get 36 different "uses" out of this set as long as you don't mind using the cards more than once.

The activities are more of an "in advanced" type of thing. It's like these cards are meant to be used during the morning just to see what the card says. Some games you pull out when you're already feeling aroused, but these seem to be meant to be used just as a "let's do this today" type of thing since the "when" is predefined. It would suck to go "I'm horny, let's do this" and have the card tell you that you aren't supposed to it until tomorrow morning.

I was also a bit annoyed by the "Player's Choice" option on the cards. One heart on each card seems to be the "Player's Choice" which means that the player gets to pick the what, where, or when depending on what line the Player's Choice was on. This seems to defeat the purpose of buying cards to tell you what to do if you are going to just have the choice of what to do anyway.

Sometimes I wonder about the "activities" it tells us to do as well. They are so broad in range. For example, there's a "lick your favorite body part" all the way to "sex from behind". This, in itself, wouldn't be bad except for, when paired with the other two options, it can just get a bit absurd. For example, the boyfriend scratched one off and go "Lick Favorite Body Part/On the Kitchen Table/Lunch Break". Well, he brought me into the kitchen (we ignored the "when") and licked my ear. Gross. Licking can be fun and sensual, but it seems like an awkward thing to give a time and place for. Other activities include kissing below the knees and rubbing a partner's back.

Some of the "where" includes in the guestroom, on the neighbor's lawn (???), and on the couch. Some of the "when" includes now, after work, midnight, or for morning nookie.

The cards are an inexpensive way to do something new with your sex life, but the cards end up being a little too broad. When it comes to waiting because the time frame is specified, you need to be more specific than a broad range of activities including having sex from behind or just licking someone. This would work well as a gag gift for a couple's anniversary or something like that, but as an adult game, it just needs some improvement.
Follow-up commentary
We haven't used them much. We have other games that work better for lotto-type uses. It is okay as an inexpensive option, but if you have other games around, that may keep your attention better than these.
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  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Good review, Mistress. Too bad it wasn't a great game. So many of these "Sex Games" simply aren't done well.

    I got a game called "Sexopoly" years ago, when My Man and I got married. It was so stupid, and bizarrely random with what you were supposed to do (kind of like...the game you just reviewed now) we never played it and eventually threw it away. *sigh*
  • Contributor: Jobthingy
    HA! I loved your sound effects.
  • Contributor: Darling Jen
    Hehehe I agree with Jobthingy. Your little sound effect/music to scratching off the choices is giggle worthy.
  • Contributor: Danielle1220
    Great review!!
  • Contributor: KnK
    Not my cup of tea, but a great review
  • Contributor: Selective Sensualist
    "On the neighbor's lawn," LOL! You might run into a few legal issues there (not to mention an awkward and strained future relationship with them and some odd looks!).

    Great review!
  • Contributor: petite-n-sweet
    I was actually looking at Sexopoly P'Gell. Thanks for the heads up!

    This seems like a cool idea for a gag gift and nothing more...
  • Contributor: namelesschaos
    Thanks for the review some of these games are can be a bit odd. On your neighbor's lawn?? Who thinks these up?
  • Contributor: sbon
    These seem like a cool idea, but it probably could have some better options. Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: SadoMas
    awesome thanx
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