Silicone flexi-power rod - vibrating probe by Cal Exotics - review by Kmonkey

A handy helper in need and deed.

This product works great by itself and is powerful enough to get you off without any aid. Personally I think it truly shines as an aide to duel penetration giving an awesome orgasm with other toys being involved. Cheap for the amount of power you get out of it and doubles (or triples) as a powerful touch of vibration to the balls, penis, breasts or even neck.
Incredibly powerful vibration feature with enough settings to keep it interesting.
Needs one more button to access the previous vibration function.
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extremely useful review


The Silicone Flexi-Power Rod is designed for maximum efficacy in the bum, and it does it's job admirably. I bought this toy for a friend of mine on the condition I watch her use it, but she felt uncomfortable just playing, with me standing over her, so it turned into me helping her with the toy instead.

I can't stress enough how important the application of lube was for this toy, the head is quite formidable and anything that helps to ease resistance is important, especially for small girls with shallow cavities. With the help of the lube, the toy went in very smooth and we began taking it through it's seven different vibrational patterns.

It starts out fairly strong and gets stronger with the next two settings as well as having a few different timed functions as well. As the person actually behind the figurative wheel of this toy, I was only disappointed by something this toy shares with most other bead type anal toys and that is the lack of a smooth continuous in and out motion. I had to resort to smaller movements than I would have liked. This may be due to my friend and sometimes lover having a shallow passage to work with. From what I could tell however, the stimulation from the vibration and the fullness from the fairly heavy tip worked extremely well as an aide to the other toys we were using at the time and she came to an orgasm that left her shaking. After we had wiped the toy down with some baby wipes, we decided to see how it functioned as a vaginal stimulant, and soon had another whole-body orgasm shaking her body with a little clitoral stimulation to hasten the process.

A great toy for girls and guys who have hit their stride anally, but I wouldn't suggest it as a toy for someone who is just beginning to get into anal stimulation due to it's size and incredibly powerful vibrations.

As a side note, the vibrations were strong enough to send an incredibly pleasant, erection-inducing tickle to the head of my penis even through a layer of denim. A plus for her because she used it to tease, and a plus for me because I like letting her tease me. As with most vibrating toys this strong, cock and ball vibrations can be an intensely pleasurable way to keep oneself aroused as a part of self foreplay.

Material / Texture

I didn't notice any distinct or overpowering smells from this toy, which is a huge plus as I had my face pretty close to the thing and would hate to be distracted by an annoying aroma.

It has a smooth, firm texture that helps keep the mind on the vibration instead of the actual toy. Although I wouldn't tell anyone to use this toy just starting out, if they decided to anyway, the texture in no way detracts from the experience.

Design / Shape / Size

I like the design of the toy, it has a simple, two-button command unit that is really easy to figure out and won't distract you in the midst of a heated exchange of passion thus ruining the mood. The vibration came from the top bead and was incredibly strong, also fairly heavy so it contributed a lot to the feeling of being full. Though again, more a toy for an advanced user. It's large size not only makes it uncomfortable to someone without much practice, but it also makes it fairly difficult to hide from the jealous boyfriend or snooping parents/children. However, it's important to take the batteries out during travel or even when it's not in use as the vibration function could easily be heard through luggage or coming from a closed closet and it helps prolong the life of the toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I was impressed by this toy though there were a few things that could have made it better. For starters, I don't know about most people, but I certainly wouldn't want that in my ass on the first try, so in my opinion, a little big for those brand new to anal insertion.

Second, it does the annoying cycle thing, although it does have an off switch you have to go through either all of the vibration functions or stop it and turn it back on during use.

Third, NOT FOR USE IN THE TUB. Says right on the packaging not to get the control part wet.
A shiny plastic finish that made it lighter at the base for ease of use was nice, but I found myself controlling it more with the bottom two beads than with the handle reaching my finger up a little to change settings. Not complaining, but maybe a loop on it to act as a handle for those slippery encounters.

Noisy, when not in the body could probably be heard through a door at it's loudest but under blankets and inside you it hushes right up.

Care and Maintenance

Now with TPR silicone it's important to take a little extra care with cleaning. That being said, this toy is hardly porous at all and I personally think hot water and soap, or even baby wipes might be all it takes to clean the little lovey off. When using water make sure not to expose the silvery base of the toy as that could short it out and cause all kinds of problems from erratic behavior to sparking even to death, of the toy. Safe with water to use as a lube and shouldn't have a negative reaction to other toys.


I noticed the packaging was easy to open and the toy practically leaped out at us, which was appreciated. Answered most questions for us though it could have contained more information about cleaning and lubing.

Personal comments

I noticed the battery cover was a little difficult to get off and the toy acted a little erratically just out of the package, sometimes turning off for no reason that we could discern. This may have been due to a short, though we didn't notice any erratic behavior during play. I thoroughly enjoyed using this toy on my partner and would love to do so again. Almost makes me wish I appreciated anal stimulation a little more myself.
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