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Mostly I liked this toy. It had a few things that needed to be worked out but for the price it is more than I ever would have expected. Its power is amazing. It will definitely make you happy.
Strong vibrations, easy turn off button.
Not waterproof, picks up lint easily, issues with sudden shut-off.
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The first time I came across the Silicone Flexi-Power Rod by Cal Exotics I was instantly drawn to it. The shiny silver of the base and the sleek black rod really caught my eye and I knew I had to have it. As I read up on the specs of it, I was practically drooling. As an experienced anal user I’m always looking for something different. The Flexi-Power Rod seemed like just that. It has 7 different vibration patterns and speeds. I have yet to find another anal probe for the price with that kind of variety. This thing seemed like something out of my dreams. I couldn’t resist it.

When my Flexi-Power Rod arrived at my house and I pulled it out of the box I was a little surprised at the size of it. It was about twice what I was expecting. But that was my fault for not checking the actual size of it using the RealSize feature that Edenfantasys offers. My bad. The second thing that caught my attention with this toy was the packaging. It is NOT discreet packaging. It is quite obvious what it is, from a simple glance, so if you open the box in front of family, you're in for an awkward moment. Though there is no discretion with the packaging, it did open easily which was an immediate bonus in my book. So kudos to Cal Exotics for that.

As its name suggests, it is pretty flexible but I am slightly wary about bending it too far over. It seems like it could come loose from the base. Another thing that concerned me was at the base of the head; there is a large seam connecting the big head of this toy with the smaller beads. I have had toys with such a seam in the past and it caused all kinds of problems. So far I haven’t had any troubles with it, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

I also noticed that the Power Rod picks up lint like you wouldn’t believe. I have other silicone toys, but it seems like I can’t keep this one clean. At least it’s a good reminder to clean this toy before use because you can see just how dirty it is. Just be careful during cleaning because it is not waterproof. Keep water out of the handle where the controls are.

Once I was done examining the physical aspects of the Flexi-Power Rod, I located 3 AA batteries and loaded them into the toy. Getting the batteries in was pretty easy the first time, but opening the battery case after they were in was a little more of a challenge. I discovered that you just have to push a bit harder. This is good to know because the package advises to remove batteries between use, otherwise your toy may suffer an unfortunate death; so you will be getting in and out of the battery case fairly often. After the batteries were in, I turned the toy over to where the two buttons were located. One of the buttons is the “function button” which cycles you through each of the 7 settings. The first three are steady vibrations in low, medium and high followed by a series of pulsing patterns in varying strengths. The other button is the off button.

As I began scrolling through the settings, the power of this toy blew me away. The highest steady vibration setting was amazing. I couldn’t wait to feel that inside me. It is easily one of the most powerful toys I own. Halfway through going through the settings, the toy decided to turn off all by itself. And wouldn’t turn back on! I started to panic slightly, but after pushing the function button a few more times it came back to life. I don’t know why it did that but it happened a few more times. Fortunately, once I settled down with some lube (water-based for TPR Silicone) it didn’t seem to have any problems.

Once inside me, the Flexi-Power Rod lived up to all my expectations. It was incredible. Anally, my favorite use is to combine it with another toy. I also used it vaginally and loved that too. The large head was just the right size to give my g-spot some much craved attention. It was perfect. And I couldn’t feel the seam under the head that I was worried about. It brought me to one wonderful orgasm after another. While there were a few hiccups with this toy (the random turning off, not being waterproof), overall this toy is all that I wanted and more. And for the price I would definitely recommend it to any and all who are interested in anal play.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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